Storyline The Affairs of Psychopaths

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  1. The arena goes black and is silent for about 30 seconds. A teenager girl hears her phone begin ringing but it's playing a ringtone that she never downloaded.

    Unlike every other fan who has heard the deathtone ringing on their phone, the girl immediately answers the phone. Schizo comes from behind the curtain, his head cocked to the side, dragging the IWT Television title along with him. He approaches the girl, looking a little confused because the deathtone quit playing once she answered the phone. The girl looks annoyed that her phone call got interrupted.

    Girl: Hold on a minute, there's this weird Japanese guy staring at me. *She puts down the phone.* What do you want?

    Schizo shakes his head, wondering why this girl is even at a wrestling match. He shambles over to the ring, slides in under the ropes and lays his head on the bottom rope. He puts the microphone up to his ear.

    Schizo: Do not meddle in the affairs of psychopaths, for nothing they say makes sense and they have a very good legal defense. No one understands what goes on in the mind of a psychopath. But people try to understand. They try to make sense of what we say. They try to figure out what is going on in our heads. They think that if they do, they can defeat us. But it's a futile effort. The only people who truly understand the mentally ill are those of their own brethren. Psychopaths, sociopaths... you name it. We understand each other because of one simple truth and that is that we make no attempt to understand each other. We don't need to be understood.

    Cousin Eddy, when I tracked you down before, I wanted to see how you would react to me. So many of the people here have tried to explain me to myself when I have confronted them. They tried to tell me why I do the things that I do. They have tried to determine my motives and they have tried to dictate my future actions. And it is all POINTLESS!

    Schizo gets up off of the mat, walks over and leans up against the turnbuckle.

    Schizo: Cousin Eddy, you didn't wonder why I appeared in that hallway. You didn't care about the flickering lights. You were not intimidated when I appeared out of nowhere. You said nothing and you questioned nothing. You just came straight for me. THAT is what makes me want to fight an opponent. All you cared about was the violence and that's all I care about too.

    Now don't get me wrong, simply because I am paying you a compliment. I still intend to mangle you up worse than a character in a Saw movie. I intend to show you exactly why my mind is sicker than yours could ever dream of. You may have a dark soul but I HAVE NO SOUL! I live in the deepest and darkest reaches of infinity and I intend to drag you into the depths that look upwards towards Hell.

    Schizo points to the gash in his forehead.

    Schizo: My scars are my biography. They are the only things that are of any importance to me. The reason I picked you, Eddy, is that unlike everyone else here in the IWT, you may be the most likely to add another. When I annihilate you, I want to make sure that I have a battle scar to remind me of your utter destruction...
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    Schizo looks up the ramp, annoyed by the interruption, but in a strange way, happy to see his fellow monster.

    Eddy appears on the stage with a sack over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp looking straight at Schizo, refusing to break eye contact. The fans all look up at Eddy as he walks past them, even the teenage girl from before takes a break from talking to see this thing walk past her.

    As Eddy reaches the ring, he throws the sack into the ring, and rolls in under the bottom rope. Eddy sits in the ring, staring at Schizo with coldness in his eyes. He opens the bag that he brought with him and pulls out a microphone. The crowd stay silent, waiting to hear some of the few words spoke by Eddy.

    My friend told me that when I fight, to rip the soul out of my enemies. You... you have no soul. You're empty inside, you would things no one else would.

    No one else but someone like you.

    Eddy stands up with his bag in hand, and pours it in front of him. Hundreds of Legos pour in front of Eddy, some of which are cracked, showing the sharp plastic. When the bag is almost empty, Eddy puts it back in his hand. The two stare at each other.

    I want us to remember this fight.

    Eddy touches the scar along his eye, and smiles.

    Do you want to play a game?

    Eddy takes the last items out of his bag, two plastic baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. Eddy hands one to Schizo and the two look into each other's eyes. Eddy is smiling ready to play his game while Schizo looks cold and bloodthirsty. Eddy drops his microphone and mouths, "We're going to have some fun." to Schizo.
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