Storyline The Aftermath of IWTMania IV

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  1. Spawn was no where to be found after his shocking loss to Aids Johnson in the main event of IWTMania IV. It had been some time since the match had finished and each day IWT was being flocked with strange and cryptic videos. Backstage stood a fat worker filming a special IWT DVD where the man began to talk about Spawn's surprising loss.

    Suddenly the lights dropped to black and slowly faded to red as Spawn was towering behind the fat man.


    The lights died out completely again and when a faint light returned, both Spawn and the fat man were gone. Now all was stood was a weirdly dressed man who in the blink of an eye flashed in front of the camera and speaks in tounges. You can faintly hear him speak beneath these noises.


    Asmodeus - "We were victorious. Now there is one more left. You have been picked."

    The camera feed died out and there was a disturbing silence as people stewed on what they had just seen.
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  2. hey im the only dark guy you vs in the june ppv
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