The Aids Johnson spectacle, Elimination Chamber edition.

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    *The crowd comes back from commercial, with Christy Hemme in the ring. She holds up the mic and shouts out "Introducing you to the man who is STILL your IWT champion, Aids....Johnson!

    A live band is playing for the entrance, as small shots of pyro come out of the ground. The crowd slowly go from rising up to sitting down, and as the main riff hits, they stand back up.

    Aids Johnson walks out holding his IWT title in his hand as the crowd gives off an insane pop before he stops at the top of the ramp. AIds takes a pull of his scotch as the music goes off, and running down to the ring - sliding in. Aids goes to both corners as the crowd continues to pop, before going to the center and handing off his title for a microphone. Aids shoves a cork in the bottle, throwing it out on the crowd, before raising his microphone.^

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The champ, IS, HERE!!! *crowd mixes between DK James and Aids Johnson Chants, and Aids laughs and talks quicky to the ref as the crowd contiunes on it, waiting for them to die down* You are missing the point, I have been waiting for DK James all along!

    You see in 3 weeks and less than two days, the Elimination chamber chains will close down, and I will be in the ring with 5 other superstars. Five others, which doesnt include the likes of Victoria Parker, or Dat kid. In fact, the only one's assured of a match here are myself, and the man I strapped a rocket to, Dolph's ziggler. *Crowd gives off a small pop as they wait for more*

    But you see, I have noi competition anymore. You all wished away my only opponent, and now I have none. *Aids paces back and forth, re-creating the moves with VP he used to finish her off, inlcuding a brainbuster on no one to end the match. Aids looks up, satisfied, almost laughing.

    There is no one! Wrestlemania here I come. Tonight, I inform, but in 3 weeks and 2 days, i lead. I show everyone what makes IWT the greatest federation in the world. The issues of principal are best left for failure such as Senhor Perfect. You and your protoge keep talking about how I mention you both. This is the first - amd ;ast = time i'll grant both of your blasphemers in one sentence! I'll let you go back to your 2nd rate company, and I'll send Dolph's Orton home, back to the home his belt is displayed in. The same one that hold your irrelevant IC title encased.

    Senhor you are a hasbeen, and realistically you are a never was- and dolphs? This wont be the match everyone is expecting This is the match everyone is demanding! Let's face it, you and I, as well as everyone know you aren't really main event material. Face it brother, you told me I could be so much better, and when I stepped up, you settled down with the B team.

    I sincerely wonder if anyone else realizes the sincereity in my promotion of the EC here, Do you all know what happens in the next month!? I, the champion chooses his opponents, and i've saved up for the past 5 months to choose this. By February 3rd there will be matches setup for everyone in the IWT Elimination Chamber match. Oh, and if not? I guess i retain via No contest.

    ^Aids jumpst the railing, laughing as he slaps faces of the announcers, walking past before heading back the other way, slapping using his lefts. Aids marks out and laughs as he walks backstage through the crowd, who is insanely over with what he has done.^
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