Storyline The Anti-Christ Arrives

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  1. A Video is played once again, this time showing the same man with nothing in sight, no table or chair, only an open door. The man stands in front of the camera with his back turned to the camera, showing the back of his hoodie, which has an Anti-IWT image on the back. He clicks his fingers together and says:

    "IWT...Aids Johnson...GM Trip...Joey Bryant...The Anti-Christ has arrived"

    He walks out of the room through the open door as the video ends with the message "He's Here" showing up on the screen. Suddenly, The Video cuts off and the screen goes black for a few seconds until:

    Out from the entrance way steps the figure, this time coming out with a chair being held by his left hand. He stands on the stage as he pulls down his hood to reveal Bruce Knight. The Crowd begin to cheer and boo him, cheering for his return yet booing him for wanting to take IWT down. He looks around at the crowd before walking down the ramp, clutching onto the chair as he walks in a aggressive manner. Instead of jumping into the ring from the apron, Knight simply rolls into the ring and he gets back up, standing and staring at the crowd. He sets the Chair up in the middle of the ring and he goes back outside, this time to take a microphone from one of the staff at ringside. He rolls back into the ring and sits down on the chair, looking at the entrance way with the microphone in his hand. He begins to speak as the crowd continue to cheer/boo.

    "Surprise...Surprise, You still cheer and boo for anyone who walks through that entrance them Joey Bryant or Aids Johnson, You distinguish them as "Heroes" and "Villains" for their Actions and their Words. There is no such thing as a Hero or a Villain...they are merely your opinions, what YOU see them as...One half of the room would cheer a IWT star based on his performances while the other side by his actions. I am the Savior of IWT and the Destruction of it...I am the Messiah and The Anti-Christ. Since I left, I went to go find my Answers to MY Questions...and I found them right here in IWT...and I'm staring at them. You, The Crowd were my Answer...and Why is that? Because I was consumed by the desire to be cheered instead of keeping my Gold...I let you all stand in my way. But why should I continue to be like that? I need no fans, no one to look at me as a Villain or a Hero...I am Bruce Knight, The Anti-Christ...The Messiah.

    Joey Bryant, I returned to Save and Destroy IWT...To do that, I must save them from the man known as Joey Bryant...The Man that has my title, The Key to destroying this company. Joey, Your new "Title" has no meaning...You named it the "The New Age" title yet...That Age will begin with me. You are simply a pawn in the game called IWT...and I am the Game Master.

    Joey...Get your ass down to this ring now and surrender that title back to it's rightful owner. If you don't show your face in this ring, I'll have to come back there and take what is mine by force. You have brought ruin to a once prestigious championship...and I am here to save the IWT Championship.

    You are the Cancer of the IWT Championship and I will cure it.
    As the Cure would say "You are the Cancer and I am the Cure".

    Knight sits on the steel chair as he awaits the arrival of Joey Bryant and His IWT Championship. He looks unfazed by the crowd, staring at the entrance way closely.

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  3. *The crowd boos as the music of Joey Bryant plays throughout the arena. He strolls out on the stage with his NEW IWT Title slung around his shoulder. He points to the fans and laughs and just stares at Knight with a stern look. He signals to cut his music and raises the mic he brought out with him.*

    "Welcome back, loser. I mean normally I'd come out and pretend to be nice to you to please my agents but really, you're a damn loser."

    *Joey pats his new title on his shoulder.*

    "Looks nice, right? I just couldn't take the fact that you once held the old IWT Title belt so I just had to change it. I love it, a lot heavier too. You're the damn Anti-Christ now? Dude I've heard of people changing things up a bit to get ahead in this company but how far are you gonna go? You won the rumble as "the underdog" you won MY title as "the underdog" and you were always so boring to listen to. Usually when you change the way you carry yourself, it's supposed to be a big difference but there's no difference now. You're still nothing but an underdog jobber and still boring as all hell to listen to. You're here to save this company? Alright then let me give you some advice. Just leave. The company will be 10x better without wanna-bes like yourself prancing around like you own my fucking company."

    *He paces slowly back and forth on the stage and the crowd boos.*

    "Sorry, did I say my company? I completely forgot, it's not actually mine, that buffoon Trip is running it. First thing he does as GM is put me in a match against Harriet Vargas thinking I'd actually take it as a challenge, yea, look how good that worked. I despised you when you were in the Order, and now I just dislike you because you've already gotten on my bad side by talking down to Alias Antonio and I. You don't run the place, we do, we sell the tickets, you just run your mouth. And you're alongside with your good buddy Aids, I hope Antonio slams him down too and shows him not to start anything while he can still think about it. But you, you're not going to get very far. You dream big, but your 15 minutes of fame ended when I won this title back, just quit while you're ahead... or in your case, you're already behind. You lose the title and leave for a month, wow guys, we really have the heart of a champion here. Just get out of my ring, you're a disgrace."
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  4. "Joey, Your words are meaningless....Your Opinions are worthless...All they are and will be are Your Opinions and As I've stated...I don't give a fuck about your opinions. When I went into IWTMania, I didn't give a fuck, Hell, I couldn't give a fuck whenever you opened your mouth about that match. Your words don't affect me, Joey and they never will.
    Call me whatever you want, Joey, I don't care...All I care about is kicking your ass and getting that Title back.

    Now, Let's recap to before our first meeting in the triple threat match...How many times did you defend your title before that? I hear the number of Zero coming to mind. I defeated you in your first defense while you defeated me in my second. You can use the triple threat as an excuse but It was your own fault you lost.

    Now, I'm not sure why you would consider me an Underdog still, either it's your Inflated Ego or the last words of Dat Kid, But I don't consider me an Underdog. You can act like you run this place just because you have a piece of Gold around you...but you are just a piece of shit just like every other bastard in this company. Joey, I've come to take back what was mine....And I'll do it at Money in the Bank because I'm using my title you or Trip like it.

    At MITB, I'm coming to get my Title back and Right now, I don't give a damn about whatever you say about me and what your opinion is because it's all irrelevant to me."

    Knight continues to sit on the steel chair in the ring, smiling at Joey as he does so, Refusing to leave the ring.
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  5. "Awwww... little Bruce Knight has a little bit of anger in him! You're worthless, and a true disgrace to this company. You think it's that easy? Just say "Hey, I'm using my rematch whenever the hell I want" No, you idiotic piece of shit. You have to wait in line, if you wanted your rematch you should have seen me the night after you lost the belt and I would have beat you right then. But you left, you lost to me and like the little bitch you are you ran and didn't show your face again for a whole month. Even if you were to get your rematch, I'd beat you, and you'd go in hiding again and come back with another dumb gimmick. You're never going to go anywhere in this company with that idiotic potty mouth and running your mouth because guess what, NO ONE is listening and those who are truly don't care."

    *Joey shakes his head at Bruce and raises his title.*

    "Neither you or Farooq deserve a shot, you both have contributed nothing to this company since I won this belt. I'll give it to him though, he actually has a chance at beating me while you, don't even get me started. You want your rematch? You go to Trip, you beg him real good, and I'm sure if you do a little favor for him like do his dirty work and he'll gladly give you the loss you deserve. I'm done wasting my oxygen on you."

    *He drops his mic and walks to the back as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction.*
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