The Anti-Christmas Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. I am going to give it up completely next year myself. I don't want to take part in something that forces people to spend money or they are considered greedy. I also don't like all the religious backwash that is covered over old-world cult behavior. I haven't done decorations or anything like that in years. I just have to convince people to not buy me things... Which you would think would be easy. Ugh. I feel like it is nothing but a conformist day people are tricked into taking part in that is all about gluttony, greed, and materialism. I hate feeling like I have to get someone something because they are getting me something.

    My family is the reason I am sucked into the gift thing still. I like buying people gifts but I would rather buy them because I want to, not because the world is telling me I have to. Ya know? My mother is the worst. I told her a few years ago if she wants to get me anything, just take the money and donate it. That is what I want. Her response was "What is wrong with you!?" SHUT UP MOM! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU CONFORMIST BAG OF DEMON JIZZ! (I am joking obviously, I love my mother.)

    So yeah, I wanted to make a thread for this, if there is anyone else out there who doesn't celebrate it, what do you do instead?
  2. Yeah, Christmas is pretty dumb. I just chill with my family though, my mommy still gets me gifts too but it's usually clothing (pajamas and shit like that). lol
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  3. I don't mind spending time with my family but how people make it, like if you don't eat this or spend that, you are a Grinch and something is wrong with you... That is what bugs me. And everyone gets forced into buying stuff even when they can't afford it. More and more people are celebrating it after the actual day now so they can save money and I don't blame them but I don't want to do it at all. I don't mind birthdays and mothers'/father's day, even the US holidays like 4th of July and Thanksgiving, but this one has to be the worst.
  4. Tell them Christians that Christmas actually has Pagan roots. It's always comedy.
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  5. The Catholics seem to get more pissed from what I noticed. lol
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  6. Pagan = witchcraft = Satan

    At least that's the Christian logic.
  7. Most Christians are conformists. lol It is a sad truth but I guess most of the world are sheep so yeah.. lol And yeah Pagan all the way around. The tree is a symbol of Nimrod who's birthday was December 25th (or this may be his "resurrection day" I am not 100%). His wife believed him to be reincarnated in the tree so she chopped it down, brought it in her home, and decorated it with gold and silver to honor him. His "god" name I believe is Sol or "the sun god". Heck even the "yule log" means wheel aka "SUN" so burning the "yule log" is celebrating the death of the old sun and the birth of the new sun. It is referencing the shortest day of the year (sunlight wise). There is other crap but I don't remember it all. I got sick of telling people about it because no one likes to hear they are celebrating cult traditions. lol
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  8. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. You are just as bad, Frosty!
  10. This is sacrilege, you are all going to hell!
  11. I am reporting this, you racist idiot teenager!
  12. Your chestnuts should roast on a open fire.
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  13. I like the cold, the lights are cool, some of the music is good, and eggnog & rum is heartwarming. It'd be bad if you did something like go to church during it, talk about boring.
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  14. Eggnog sounds so bad.
  15. I love Christmas. Don't be an edgelord, Christmas is great.

    Has nothing to do with le epic telepathic Jewish zombie cult tbh fam, it's a consumer driven holiday

    It's mostly for children, let children have christmas seriously

    btw this pagan talk makes me wish varg would start burning churches again

  16. I love you too!
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  17. I am reporting @Neptune for being an immature, idiotic teenager!
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  18. W
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  19. How do I cancel my account? I refuse to be part of such a forum that promotes racism and sexist remarks. I am too old and mature for this.
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  20. I like Christmas. People buy me things and I show my appreciation by not buying them anything back. Win-win.
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