Storyline The Art Show IV

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    Artist walks out with an Aiden Ryan T-Shirt his brown cargo pants and a microphone. As he reaches mid ramp he raises his arms, tilts his head back as purple pyro rains down from the ceiling.

    Artist: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the only successful talk show in IWT history...The Art Show! Before I call out my guest who doesn't know he's invited I need to get some things off my chest.

    Artist sits in the chair for the set.

    Artist: Now...Farooq, the guy that acknowledged me at IWTMania, he was my parter in the JOB Squad. He helped me in a variety of different ways. Now...he's with Dat Kid? Dat Kid left Joey Bryant and aligned himself with Farooq. Dat Kid you either have to stop stabbing your allies in the back or you have to stay away from friends. Wait...That's not going to happen, you're to weak to be alone, you're brittle and your empire will crumble at my army. You're nothing anymore...just a has-been that will be sent back to his hell hole to crumple up and cry in as you see that I ended your legacy.

    Artist runs his hand through his hair and let's out a sigh as he continues.

    Artist: Alias, you've defeated me once, but I will pry and I will do what I couldn't do before...and that's pull out the stops and beat your, 1-2-3 and I will prove that I did everything everyone like you said I couldn't do and I will raise that gold above my head and smile...Because I DID IT!

    Artist gets up and starts to welcome the guest.

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome my guest at this time... Alias Antonio! (@THG? )

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  2. *A camera zooms in on a slightly disconcerted Alias Antonio backstage (TNA open fight night style), talking to Joey Bryant. After hearing Roadster's words, he stops talking, and shakes his head.*

    Alias: Excuse me Joey, I guess I have some unattended business that I have to be an habitué of . PLAY MY MUSIC.

    . Alias' new theme reverberates throughout the PA System, garnering a huge pop from the IWT faithful. At 0:12, Alias makes his way out to an even bigger pop, raising up his IWT WHC belt with enthusiasm. He makes his way down to the ring, to the rhythm of the music. Once in the ring, he paces around it in circles, intensely, glaring at Roadster the whole time. He grabs a mic.*

    I heard your punk ass had some negligible bullshit to spew tonight, hence you calling me out right? In that promo you just cut, I only just about caught that you're going to beat both myself and Dat Kid? And frankly, that was enough for me to realize that man, who the fuck do you think you are?

    I'll probably be not the first guy to say it, but you're a complete NOBODY. How you got this chance to even be in contention for this very belt is beyond me, but I'm sure the thought process behind it included you, Aids and a lot of cocksucking, which seems to be the norm nowadays.

    Is there really anything else you'd like to say, because you're candidly wasting your time, the IWT Universe's time.....and most importantly my time. So make this quick scrub, because if I'm not mistaken, you got a pretty big match to prepare for. And I don't normally use the term big vaguely.
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  3. Artist looks at Alias with a disgruntled look.

    Artist: talk about norms? Isn't it the norm that everyone tried to put me down? I had no part in my shot at you except the fact that my hard work started to pay off. You on the other hand are giving yourself a bloated head. You're not cool, if you think you are. I may have not been here as long as you, I certainly don't have your track record in IWT but one thing i have over you is a sense of realistic capabilities. You run into everything acting like you're gonna win. That stops when I beat Dat Kid and face you for that world title at Uprising. I've worked to hard for this opportunity to have fallen from my grasp. Dat Kid's not gonna stop me, Trip & Aids aren't gonna stop me and neither are you. You're my first roadblock and you're possibly my biggest, but I will get over you and I will go on to SummerSlam and do that 3 way Kid wants or whatever.

    Artist get's closer to Alias' face

    Artist: You've tried so hard to bury me even right now but as far as I'm concerned if you hang around guys like Joey Bryant, who obviously inherited his cowardly behavior from Kid, you're not someone I'm gonna respect. How sweet would it be when the man basically anyone can defeat...beat's you and Kid in the same night, ending Dat Kid's career and ending your title reign. That's not a wish, a dream or a delusion. That's a cold hard fact.

    Artist stops talking and waits for Alias' rebuttal.
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  4. *Alias smirks*

    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, my words aren't intended for the soft-hearted like you.

    You talk about your hard work starting to pay off? Tell me, who have you defeated over the course of your career, TELL ME. For me, hard work starting to pay off is when you beat guys like Aids, let alone guys like Kaizer or Oval, AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN BEAT THEM. You're full of bullshit and lies, and the only "realistic capability" you have is the one dearly thing that keeps you from having a job in this damn company, LOSING. You're here to make other talents look good, even you can admit that. And damn if the sense realistic capabilities is the thing that will lead you to success in this company, I'm afraid that you're the pivotal cause of your destruction, your self-destruction.

    I walk into everything like I'm gonna win? Maybe you're damn right but that mentality has gotten me to places only you can dream of doing. YOU SEE THIS MOTHERUCKING TITLE AROUND MY WAIST!? Fuck yeah I walk into everything with a winning mentality. Because I'm a.......champion.

    You wanna talk about working hard in this company? Workhorse is my middle name and that's all I've been doing ever since I've stepped foot in this join. I was labeled when I entered this company because I came from MP, you know.....that place. People didn't respect me, people didn't honor me, people didn't LIKE me. But unlike you, I really didn't give a shit and just did what I knew I could do and that was WIN. Something you can't bloody do!

    Like I said, people didn't respect me back then and some still don't today, yet you think your respect is going to bug me? YOUR respect is gonna play an influential part in my title defence? You think your RESPECT actually means something in this world?

    Roadster, you're lacking a realistic view of things, and that'll ultimately be the main motive behind the destruction of the destruction that you already are.

    And let me tell you, that's not a wish, a dream or a delusion. That's a cold hard fact.
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  5. Artist chuckles

    Artist: You hurt my feelings? You seem more worked up around me saying you have the wrong mentality than anything. That belt you have around your waste is just you keeping it warm for me. Face it Alias your not what you used to be, and you never will be, now before you have another period here in the ring let me tell you something. Your not a work horse, you fight one match a month and that's a work horse? Damn then i'm not a work horse, i'm super magnificent unicorn of tactical awesomeness. I do work to help others outside of the ring because I know that people like Aiden Ryan and Harriet Vargas who I usually sponsor need the recognition they aren't getting because people like you think your some holy lord of the IWT. Your whole mind set is wrong, I defeated Danny at IWTMania and earlier that week I defeated that other asshole. I worked and built, IWT Magazine, IWT Radio Show and the IWT Network. Hours of my day go down the trash to glorify asshole's like you.

    Artist starts to pace around Alias

    Artist: You're not gonna leave Uprising champion I will do whatever it takes and if shutting Kid down for good, is one? Than so be it. I guarantee that I will beat Dat Kid and you're the only one left. May the best man win?

    Artist waits with his hand held out waiting for Alias to shake.
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  6. You see the problem with you Roadster isn't with your skill or craft. It's to do with your cockiness. Now, being cocky isn't a bad thing and I consider myself cocky, no shame in that. But when it comes to you, you take the meaning of cockiness drastically down to a whole different level. You can be cocky if you've earnt the right. You can be cocky when you've won titles in this company. You can be cocky even if you win one fair match.....THAT ISN'T VIA FORFEIT.

    Give me a break Roadie. I'm not what I use to be, and I never will be? How in the hell does that make any pragmatic sense when I'm at the pique of my career. I'm the goddamn World Champion, and I'm the one having to break it down for you. Your actions are those of a jealous little bitch, and IWT is no place for bitches like you.

    You work hard off the scenes, I honestly respect that. But since when does working hard backstage correlate with the happenings in this ring? How does setting up a few stuff for IWT put you in contention for a main title shot? If it was that easy, I wouldn't even bother showing up to my damn matches!

    If you beat Dat Kid, you may be, just MAY BE a legitimate contender in my eyes, but until then, you're nothing to me. As far as I'm concerned, it's Dat Kid vs. Alias III at Uprising, no matter how much that may hurt you.

    I will shake your hand because I am an honorable man, but let it be known that I fucking hate your guts.

    *Alias reluctantly shakes Roadster's hand*
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    Artist has a smirk on his face

    Artist: Cocky? exactly how so? What did I do other than defend myself from you, you're not right in the head on this show. You're having your period every time you reply you can't hold down any valid point against me other than the general "YOU LOSE A LOT! I WIN A LOT! I'M BETTER THAN YOU!" Like guys always say to me. I can't wait to knock your teeth down your throat. When I do that...I can't wait to see you crumpled up, a mess under my feet. I will be the one to face you, will I be the one to dethrone you? You and your asshole buddies would say no, but anyone who knows about improving...will say I do have a chance.

    As Alias turns away, he gets a hard slap in the face from Artist whipping him to the side.
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  8. *Alias lets the slap sink in, then promptly smirks*

    You lose a lot. I win a lot. You're a nobody. I'm the World Champion. Therefore, statiscally, I'M BETTER THAN YOU.

    *Alias charges at Artist and begins to hit a flurry of left and rights*
  9. In the scuffle it seems that Alias busted Artist's nose.

    Artist throws a round of left and right elbows prompting to Alias to bleed heavily from the mouth
  10. *As they keep on brawling around the arena, bloodied, an influx of IWT staff and wrestlers come down to the ring, aiming to seperate both men. Alias tries to fight his way out and manages to hit one headbutt on Roadster, before getting seperated again*
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  11. Artist free's himself one more time from the crowd of peace keepers and tackle's Alias to the ground. Alias and Artist trade vicious blows as they brawl to the back before they're separated for the final time.
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  12. ( Gav the chav) ow you 2 pack it in will ya now has either of you seen my mate b.dazzle?
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