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    *A man wearing Osborne glasses with a long tide dye trench coat and a mask walks out*

    "Brothers, sisters, chldren, uncles, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers, mothers! Let's join hands and lets celebrate! I've found color, i've found a cooler to stash my beers of life! Come join me in my gated house party!"

    *No crowd reaction*

    "Awww, you all are just the people to eat a fruit from my friend tree which you can find at!"

    "My buddies are always my you guys are my mates for eternity!"

    *Crowd stars chanting We Want Aids*

    "Why do you want aids? That's a bad thing.....a veeeery baaaaaaadd thing. But wanna know whats not a bad thing? God, he's a very good person i found god. Wanna know something that's not bad? The Artist, which is me."

    *Joey Bryant Chants*

    "Who? Joey Bryant? He's a very very very goood person."


    "Another person who's a really really good person is Unknown who's going to face that baaad man, a guy who curses, drinks AND dissed my friends, all of you!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "I babysit kids, babies and teens, oh teens. Boys and girls alike! I do chores i pick kids up from school, which is a really gooood place. Thank you for this, the artist has some kids to attend to."

    *He walks off using a sarcastic peace maker voice the entire time*​

  2. Wait.....I thought you were leaving. do you have two characters?

    This doesn't make sense.
  3. This i am leaving, i'm not continuing this character i just wanted to do some stuff before i left, haha.