The Ascension to the Top

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  1. *The lights dim,making a spotlight on the stage,Andrew's theme hits
    *Andrew walks into the spotlight,mic in hand
    Andrew: Cut the music,cut the music!​
    *The crew men cut the music off
    Andrew: Now,a couple of you may have heard me mentioned in JwabTV's past ramblings about "The Cure". He mentioned me as "the second in command". I'm here today to tell you that I am second in command to nobody, I take a backseat to no-one,and, I am not going to be held down by a single person from the back! Today is the day my ascension to the top begins and not a single person can stop me!​

  2. *Adam and Jacob are watching backstage, They seem amused*
  3. *laughs*
    Jwab: Have fun. I cured you of your "Retarded ways". And this is how you repay me. Well bring it, I'm ready for whatever you got Mr. Evans. The Cure saved you. And The Cure will be what destroys you.