The attention needs to return to me.....

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  1. *Adam walks out on the stage with a steel chair in one hand and his briefcase in another, He places it in the right position and sits down*​
    Adam: Please bring your attention back to who is important.... Thank you. This company is full of attention seekers and wanna be's who want to be me, Everyone wants to be me and why wouldnt they? I sit here with my briefcase and think I can become the new European champion in a matter of seconds anytime I want! I can give him a minutes notice.. Or a years notice, It doesnt matter! Theres no way you can prepare for me, I have destroyed 2 of IWTs guys to a bloody mess and I dont think anyone backstage or out here has gotten an idea of how dangerous I am. Back to the point, Everyone has became more of a priority here in IWt and it makes me sick. Im the best and the most destructive and I want everyone to pay attention and watch out for me. And I will sit here until you all respect my destruction and put your focus on me!​


  2. *GM makes her way to the ramp*

    You don't expect me to just let you sit in the middle of my ring do you? You are right, you have had victories... But is a few wins worth everyone looking to you like a champion? I see that briefcase, but that is all I see. When you hold up some gold, then I believe you can demand some attention.

  3. Farooq makes his way onto the stage next to Brit with his Hardcore title on one shoulderand his Million Dollar title on the other. "How about we give him the attention? I have nothing to do tonight, and I think that two winners from ER would make an interesting match."
  4. *Looks at Adam*

    Would do you say? Prove yourself by taking on a Champion. Prove to the new European Champion you have what it takes to take him down.

  5. Adan: Nope. I dont have to prove shit, He aint worth my time.
  6. All I hear is "Waah, waaah! Pay attention to me! Waah, waah! I have a nice lunchbox!"
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  7. Farooq chuckled. "I give you a chance to fight someone who has never lost here in IWT, someone who has three championships to their name, but of course it is a waste of time. For me that is. It's obvious you're a coward, you want to take the pathetic way out, and that's fine by me. Although you should get out of Brit's ring now, you're not a champion yet, just one who holds a briefcase, like a servant to a master." :pipebomb: