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  1. The Backstage Thread

    Welcome backstage! This thread should be used for random encounters with other people on the roster, interviews and any other backstage antics. Only use this thread for in character talk. All out of character talk should be in the OOC thread.

    Remember: This is BACKSTAGE. If you are doing anything that isn't backstage, create your own thread for it. This includes in-ring promos and anything else that would not be considered backstage.

    If you want to make a long promo or an interaction with someone that you know will take more than a couple of posts each, again, make your own thread for it.

    There is a general layout for how posts should look.
    1 colour for actions, 1 colour for name and 1 colour for speech.

    *Roman Reigns walks into the cafeteria.*
    Roman Reigns: I'm not a bad guy, I'm not a good guy... I'm THE guy.
    Cafeteria Worker: Uhh... Enjoy your food, sir...

    Remember to keep on topic with your promos. Unless you've planned something out, no-one cares if your guy has just walked into the gym or got some food. If you want someone to interact with you, post (Open Interaction) underneath your post. However, you won't always get someone to interact with you so be wary.

    Do not cut a promo wanting a title shot unless you have been told you are getting one. If you post a promo saying you are going after a certain championship you might not ever end up actually getting a title shot.
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  2. *Colton is taking his first steps to the backstage area, Colton is starting to have a huge smile on his face*
    JJ Colton: Wow, I've never thought I would see myself walk into a building like this.
    *Colton grabs his luggage and starts to look for the locker room, after a few minutes, Colton starts to get lost*
    JJ Colton: Hmm, I don't where where the locker room is.
    *Colton looks around and saw someone from a distance*
    JJ Colton: Hey you!
    *Colton approaches to the stranger*
    JJ Colton: Hey, my name is Jason but everybody calls me JJ I'm a little lost so can you tell me where the locker room is.
    *Colton is waiting for the stranger to reply*

    (Open Interaction)
  3. *Des points to his right, still turned away from JJ*
    Des Pierson: *monotoned* Go that way, take your second left and you're there.
    *Des then starts to walk away*
  4. *Colton looks to the direction where Des Pierson points him to*
    JJ Colton: Oh, Thanks.
    *Colton walks away and sees the locker room door*
    JJ Colton: alright, time to get ready to introduce myself to the world.
    *Colton enters the locker room and shuts the door*
  5. *Camera pans to Borton standing in a room, drinking his milk*

    Borton: Oh, hello there! I totally didn't see you there. Now, I'm apart of the World title tournament along with 15 others. Only one man will win this tournament, who will be that one man? That man will be me, Randy Borton. With the power of the milk that I drink and the Milkamanics by my side, I will become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion. But first, I must face JJ Colton. Colton, I wish you good luck.
  6. (When you realize you still haven't promo'd lol)
    *Des is seen in the back talking to a woman with long brown hair who's wearing a business suit, when he is approached by Thomas Drago*

    Thomas: Sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to have a few words with you before your match tonight, Mr. Pierson.
    *Des looks over at Thomas with a clearly irritated expression*
    Des Pierson: It's Des.
    *Des then walks out of the room, leaving Thomas there with the woman*
    Thomas: Uhm.. may I-
    *Out of nowhere, the woman slaps Thomas as hard as she can, sending his glasses flying across the room and leaving his cheek a crimson red*
    woman: You don't interview me, and you most definitely don't interview Des. If either of us feel like talking we will do so on our on accord, not when a low-life cockroach like yourself decides that they want to pester the talent with irrelevant and unimportant questions! Now get out!
    *Thomas scurries from the room forgetting, however tries to come back to get his glasses*
    Thomas: I'm sorry, but I-
    *The woman slams the door in his face, and the last thing that is seen is her standing there with her arms crosses and an annoyed expression on her face before cutting to commercial*
  7. *Colton is making his way back to the locker room until, a camera man and Vanessa York shows up*
    Vanessa York: JJ Colton, you just lost your world heavyweight championship tournament match against Randy Borton tonight, you wanna share your thoughts on it?
    JJ Colton: Um, sure me and Randy we had a very good match tonight I did all I can to beat him but I can't get the job done, all I need to do is work harder and be better, he deserves that win more than I do, tonight is really not my night to get into the world title picture.
    Vanessa York: Since your not in the tournament anymore, what are you gonna do next?
    JJ Colton: all I should do is just wait for the next opportunity to come again and just fix my mistakes so they won't happen again.
    Vanessa York: Thanks for your
    time Colton, back to you Evans.
    *The camera cuts to ringside*
  8. *Tyson, Jason and Ty come back through the curtain, Ty wiping himself down with a baby wipe, trying to eliminate any sign of alcohol touching his skin while Jason is jumping up and down through the hallway laughing incredibly loud. Tyson is at the front of the trio and he is who Thomas Drago approaches.*

    Drago: Tyson, Tyson! Can we get a word-

    Tyson: A word? A WORD?!? Sure, you want a word from me? You'll get a word from me, in fact, no. You're gonna get two from me. Those two words are Bullet Club. You think what three of us did to those referees was scary, God, you have no idea what we're going to do to anyone that gets in our way!

    *Drago is about to speak again before being cut off by Jason.*

    Jason: Boy! We're taking over WWEF! Exodus is going to belong to the three of us! We're the Bullet Club, baby! You's and your friends on the Exodus roster better find good places to hide cuz we're gonna start kicking asses faster than a cowboy draws his lucky pistol! Woo!

    *Ty butts in before Thomas can say anything again.*

    Ty: What my friend means is that we are going to begin a revolution in Exodus. Whether anyone wants to admit or not, all this promotion is going to accomplish is running itself into the ground so we're going to make sure that doesn't happen by making sure all eyes on us.

    Tyson: Believe in the Bullet Club. Believe in us. Because everything we just. Too. Sweet.

    *The three men push past Thomas and walk down the corridor, Jason shouting loudly all the way.*
  9. *Vanessa York spots The Amazing H backstage and runs up to him.*
    Vanessa York: Hi there!
    *The Amazing H twirls around to face Vanessa.*
    The Amazing H: Oh! Hello Vanessa! You startled me.
    Vanessa York: Did I? Sorry about that.
    The Amazing H: That’s ok. You’re a startling girl. I MEAN, you scare me with your looks. NO, no... You’re... A girl...
    *Vanessa pauses, waiting for H to finish his thought.*
    The Amazing H: ... Who wears nice clothes...
    Vanessa York: Oh... Ok? Thank you...
    The Amazing H: Not that I want them or anything! No, that would be weird...
    Vanessa York: That would be very weird...
    *The two both pause for a second, not knowing what to say.*
    The Amazing H: So!
    *Vanessa flinches at the outburst.*
    The Amazing H: What can I do you for? I, uh, you do for m... Can I help you?
    Vanessa York: Yes! The general manager announced that the losers of the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship will compete for the Intercontinental Championship, along with the winner of a four way match next week involving the losers of this week’s tournament match ups.
    The Amazing H: He did? Who is the GM anyway?
    Vanessa York: Nobody knows! He’s staying anonymous.
    The Amazing H: Staying anonymous? Well that can only end well.
    *H chuckles.*
    Vanessa York: What are your thoughts on only needing to win one more match to be involved in a championship match at Night of Champions? Or even if you lose this week to still have a chance?
    The Amazing H: Hmm... I’m not too sure. I’m not a fan of belts. I don’t wear them, see?
    *H points at his waist to show that he isn’t wearing a belt.*
    The Amazing H: And those things are pretty heavy. Let’s not lie here, they aren’t going to help keeping your pants up.
    Vanessa York: True, but you could be a champion!
    The Amazing H: True... True... But I’m already a champion. Let me ask you this, have you ever heard of the 100 chicken nugget challenge?
    Vanessa York: I think we’re getting off topic here.
    The Amazing H: Ah, sorry...
    Vanessa York: Are you not even a little excited at potentially being a champion here? I think you would look good in gold.
    *H seems taken aback.*
    The Amazing H: You do?
    Vanessa York: Sure, why not?
    The Amazing H: Huh, I never thought about it like that. Thank you, Vanessa.
    Vanessa York: Thank you too, H.
    *H walks away from Vanessa. He picks his phone out of his pocket and begins to call someone.*
    The Amazing H: Hello? Jay? Have you got any gold paint lying around?
    *The camera fades to black.*
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  10. Interviewer: Hello, I'm here with Randy Borton. Randy, you advanced to the quarter finals, now you're going to face Lukey. What are your thoughts and how are you going to advance to the semi finals?

    Borton: I'm gonna win by drinking mah milk, thats all.

    Interviewer: Is that your plan? Just to drink milk and hope for the best in the ring?

    Borton: Sir Interviewer Sir, you don't understand the power of the milk like I do. I don't need to study his only match on Exodus, like c'mon, what is there to study? I can take them punches, I can take them kicks, but the one thing that my opponents won't handle is the Borto End. Believe in the milk, pal. Believe in it.
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  11. *Colton is in the backstage area doing some stretches*
    JJ Colton: *exhales* Time to get ready now.
    *Colton starts to walk around until Thomas Drago approaches him*
    Thomas Drago: Colton, I got an announcement to tell you about your triple threat match tonight?
    JJ Colton: Ok, what is it?
    Thomas Drago: We just received word from the General Manager that one of the competitors will be out of the match tonight, so you are just gonna be in a singles match.
    JJ Colton: Oh, that sucks I thought having three guys in one match will be great, so who am I facing tonight?
    Thomas Drago: You will be facing Richie Sixx.
    JJ Colton: Oh dear. I heard about him, that guys walking around thinking that he is what he calls....Sixxy? I have no idea where he got that from but....never mind, since I lost my tournament match last week all I'm gonna do for now is just get the job done and keep my path to success going, all I want Richie to do tonight is to just meet me in that ring and give me and everyone in the arena a match to remember. Sorry but I need to hurry, I'll catch up with you later Tom.
    *Colton starts to walks away*
    Thomas Drago:There you have it folks, Colton vs Richie Sixx tonight here on EXODUS.
    *The camera fades to black*
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    Vanessa: Everyone, allow me to introduce to you, Terra Hayze!
    *The crowd begins to boo as the woman who slapped Thomas Drago last week is brought into the frame*
    Terra: Before we actually get this interview started, I would just like to thank Vanessa for having the common courtesy of asking me before hand rather than just showing up in my locker room. Now, go ahead.
    *Vanessa nods her head*
    Vanessa: Alright, so the common question everyone has been asking since last week is " What is your association with Des Pierson?"
    Terra: You know, I'm lost on why you'd have to ask a question with such an obvious answer. I am Des' manager. I am here to make sure that he doesn't make any ill-advized decisions and that he doesn't get screwed over by biased suits.
    Vanessa: Okay. So how long have you been in this role for Des?
    Terra: Really? You know, I expected you to be good at your job based on first impressions, but I obviously was wrong. This interview just seems to be a waste of my time, so I'm done here.
    *Terra walks off irritated, leaving Vanessa there shocked*
    Vanessa: Well everyone, that was Terra Hayze...
  13. Thomas Drago: Greetings everyone, Thomas Drago here in front of Luis Alvarado's locker room getting ready to ask him a few questions.
    *Thomas turns around to knock on the door but sees that Luis has already opened it*
    Thomas Drago: Oh, uh Hi.
    Luis Alvarado: Who are you and why are you talking to my door?
    Thomas Drago: Thomas Drago.
    Luis Alvarado: Who?
    Thomas Drago: Thomas Drago, I'm one of the interviewers for Exodus.
    *Luis looks at Thomas with a confused look on his face*
    Luis Alvarado: Can I get someone else to interview me?
    Thomas Drago: I. . .guess but I'm right here, it would only be just a few questions.
    Luis Alvarado: Why would I want a lack of personality such as yourself to question me; But let me ask you a question Mr. Interviewer
    Thomas Drago: It's Dr-
    *Luis puts his hands in Drago's face*
    Luis Alvarado: Please don't taint the air with your stupid name, I breathe this air.Anyway can you please just get me someone else.
    *Looking a bit irritated Drago calls over Vanessa York*
    Vanessa York: Hey Tommy, what's up?
    Thomas Drago: Mr.Alvarado wants you to interview him.
    Vanessa York: Sure, I don't see why not.
    *Luis sees York and begins eyeing her up*
    Luis Alvarado: Hola mamacita como estas?
    Vanessa York: Buen
    *Luis has a surprised look on his face*
    Luis Alvarado: Sabes cómo hablar español
    Vanessa York: Sí, por lo que está listo para la entrevista
    Luis Alvarado: Someone get me a defibrillator I think my heart has stopped.
    Thomas Drago: So Vanessa, here's what I was-
    *Luis puts his hand in Drago's face and slowly pushes him off-screen*
    Luis Alvarado: So, please senorita what do you need of Luis?
    Vanessa York: So anyway Mr. Alvarado, as we get further into the tourname-
    *Vanessa starts the interview and begins asking questions but Luis slowly starts to zone her out as he just stares at her*
    Vanessa York: Mr. Alvarado (snap, snap)
    *Vanessa begins snapping her fingers at Luis's face who regains focus*
    Luis Alvarado: Sorry, I was just entranced by your beauty.
    *Vanessa says sarcastically*
    Vanessa York: I'm flattered.
    *Luis keeps staring at Vanessa; he seems to be in love*
    Vanessa York: Do you want to do this interview or not?
    Luis Alvarado: No, but do you know what else I want to do?
    *Luis starts making suggestive faces towards Vanessa*
    Vanessa York: Ugh, pervert.
    *Vanessa slaps Luis and walks away*
    Luis Alvarado: Come on chica I was only kidding! Ah Mierda.
    *Thomas Drago who hasn't left tries to talk but Luis closes his locker room door on his face*
    Thomas Drago: Well, uh there you have it folks I guess.
    *Thomas walks away looking very baffled at what just happened.
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  14. Thomas Drago: Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm standing here with my guest tonight. The so-called Super-Lad, Lukey!
    *The camera zooms out to show Lukey standing next to Thomas*
    Lukey: What's sup pal?
    Thomas Drago: You have somehow made it to the semi-finals of the tournament, what's your game-plan when tackling your opponent later on tonight, Luis Alvarado?
    Lukey: Same game-plan I have every week. It's called having the match of my life. I go out there, say hey ya to fans, you smile, I smile and we all have a good time that lasts for centuries.
    Thomas Drago: I want to talk about the the "Super-Lad" name. You say that you are one but we haven't seen any other signs of it. Is there anything else we're going to see from the "Super-Lad?"
    Lukey: A hero doesn't always stay dressed up in their get-up. All I got to say is......just be ready for Night of Champions. It's gonna be a Night of Dropkicks and Super-Lads!
    Thomas Drago: What about if you lose tonight, will that change any of your plans?
    Lukey: Absolutely, positively one hundred and ten per cent no! Sure the dream is to hold the World Heavyweight Championship, which I know I can do, but the Intercontinental Championship is the next best thing. Either way Night of Champions is ending with a certain Lad with two thumbs as a champion. Now don't get me wrong, I respect my fellow competitors but ya gotta be able to say Yes I Can in life to gather wishes and achieve dreams. Now I'm not saying it's gonna be easy but it will be very possible for me to earn gold. I always believe in my soul and everyone's got the power to know that they're indestructible. Now I'm just singing Gold by Spandau Ballet but hell that song is so true. Tommy if someone says they don't want you to interview them, you just look straight into their eyes and you interview them anyway. Don't listen to what they have to say. At the end of the day they're just the same as me, you and everyone else. We are all equal and all the same inside and out. Are you hearing me Tommy?
    Thomas Drago: Yes sir!
    Lukey: No your're not hearing me. Don't call me sir, call me Lukey.
    Thomas Drago: YES LUKEY!
    Lukey: Next week you better not walk away from anyone like Panadero. I sound like a broken record saying this, we are all equal and you are just as Super as any man or woman to have ever exist. Don't let anyone else tell you other wise. Now Mr. Drago go out there and do what your heart wants you to do! Interview your heart out Super Drago!
    Thomas Drago: HIS NAME IS ALVARADO!
    Thomas Drago: YES I WILL!
    *Thomas walks away from the camera while Lukey is cheering him on*
  15. *Thomas Drago is merrily making his way down a corridor after Lukey's pep talk, unfortunately for Thomas Drago, he mistakenly goes to interview a clearly pissed off Tyson Frost, who's talking with an even angrier Jason Frost and a nonchalant Ty Creed.*

    Drago: Tyson! Tyson, can we get a word from you regarding your upcoming match with JJ Colton?

    *Tyson looks back at Thomas, then back at Jason and Ty, he says something inaudible to Ty, who then wraps his arm around Jason's shoulder and those two make their way down the corridor, arguing about something. Tyson looks at Drago with disgust.*

    Tyson: What was that? Did you ask me a question?

    Drago: I-I asked if we can get a word from you regarding your upcoming match with JJ-

    Tyson: I heard you the first time, you worthless idiot. You want my thoughts on my second opponent in this company, I can say second seeing as how a certain tag team didn't have the balls to show up last week, JJ Colton. I think he's a fine gentleman with a tremendous amount of wrestling talent and can be a serious money maker for WWEF.

    Drago: Re-Really?

    Tyson: No, you pathetic excuse for an interviewer. Who even hired you? Why are you here? Anyway, JJ Colton is a lowly dog that wags his tail looking for some sort of recognition or appreciation from the higher ups and the brain dead fans that drool into their autographed cups. JJ Colton is the alge to my ocean floor, I'm a huge well known, well respected star in wrestling and he's the unknown rookie looking to make a name for himself. I kinda feel sorry for the kid, the biggest moment in his career will be losing to the leader of the Bullet Club. For him, that's gotta be disappointing. But for me, well, it's just too sweet. Now, get out of my face, you disgrace to the art of interviewing.

    *Tyson pushes past Thomas, after Tyson has went round the corner, Thomas goes into the fetal position and cries.*
  16. *Camera pans to Borton sitting by himself in a cafeteria*

    Borton: Well, last week I lost to a better man who kept me down for the 3 count. Why's that? Because I haven't drank enough milk. Now my upcoming match is a triple threat match. So there's 3 men in one ring, all 3 of us have 33.3% chance of winning. But I have a 66.6% of losing that match. But if I take out one man then it will be a 50/50 chance of winning. But when I drink my milk, those chances doesn't matter because I'm going to drink more milk than I did last week so I automatically have the upper hand in this match since those 2 non milk-believers don't drink milk. You see if you drink milk you will go to places, sure I lost last week in the World title tournament, but I won't lose twice in a row. Why? Because my ma told me so, and because I drink milk. Now, moo-ve along cameraman, get some milk on your way out.
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  17. * The camera shows Trodaí laying down on a plastic container, looking like he had been partying for the past 3 days, he gets up and is confused about where he is *

    Trodaí : Happy Mothers day all

    * He puts a big thumbs up to the camera and wanders off looking for the nearest toilet to puke in *
  18. *Colton is making his way to the interview area and he's waiting for someone to show up*
    JJ Colton: Hmm, Where's Tom I thought he was suppose to interview me.
    *Colton looks around the backstage area and finds Thomas Drago lying in a fetal position crying*
    JJ Colton: Oh no, someone's having a bad day.
    *Colton walks to Thomas Drago*
    JJ Colton: Yo Thomas, why are you laying there on the floor, get up.
    Thomas Drago: *Picks himself up*Oh, I'm fine um sorry I'm suppose to interview you.
    JJ Colton: Hey um can you explain why were you laying there like that?
    Thomas Drago: Oh, it's Tyson Frost but forget about it it's time for the interview.
    JJ Colton: Oh, Tyson Frost I'm facing him in a few moments, cmon tell me what he said.
    Thomas Drago: He said that I'm a disgrace to the art of interviewing and he said that you're just an unknown rookie.
    JJ Colton: Ooh, I gotta say that's a good one but him saying that you're a disgrace to interviewing ,no that's a lie you've been hired as a interviewer in the first place Tom, you've been hired to work with these fine people here because you are good for business, you were born with a gift Tom, everyone is, I am a gifted wrestler and you are a gifted interviewer, you don't let some low-life loser like Tyson Frost bring you down like that, there is always a time when you get sad and you wanna give up but you cannot let negativity take your dreams away, I know you don't want me to waste minutes of your life telling you these things but the reason why I am, is because I go through the same things that you did too. *Colton looks around* But let me tell you one more thing, if someone tries to mess with you again, all you gotta do is Stand up for yourself, Stand up Tom, ok.
    Thomas Drago: Ok, thanks Colton.
    JJ Colton: One more thing, when I'm going toe to toe with Tyson tonight, not only I'm dedicating it to the fans but I'm dedicating this match to you, Ok.
    Thomas Drago: Thank you Colton.
    JJ Colton: Alright then, see you later Tom.
    *Colton walks away while the camera fades to black*
  19. *Des is putting on his hand tape and talking to Terra in his locker room when he is approached by Thomas Drago*
    Thomas Drago: Uhm, I was wondering if we could get a few words from you about your match-up later tonight.
    *Terra looks at Thomas with irritation as Des looks down, continuing to wrap his hands*
    Terra: Okay first, how about you learn to stop walking into people's locker rooms without permission. Second-
    Thomas Drago: I'm sorry, but I was directing these questions to Des Pierson.
    *Des looks up, a look of amusement on his face as the anger in Terra gains momentum*
    Terra: Any questions directed towards Des may also be directed towards me. Now give me one good reason why I shouldn't slap those damn glasses off your face yet again!
    *Thomas, with a little tremor in his voice, begins to speak again*
    Thomas Drago: Because...because I am here to inform you guys that Des' Triple Threat this week has been rescheduled as a One on One between Des and Randy Borton.
    Terra: Thanks for letting us know. Now leave.
    Thomas Drago: Are you sure that I ca-
    *Terra slaps Thomas hard across the face, causing him to fall down to one knee. Terra then looks to Des, who's finished wrapping his hands. He shrugs, and then quickly nails Thomas in the side of the head with the Skull Piersing (Drive-By Kick). Terra then proceeds to kneel down next to the unconscious interviewer with a small smile across her lips, picking up his mic*
    Terra: Thanks for your time, Mr. Drago.
    *Shes does a slow clap for a few seconds and then drops the mic onto Thomas, before her and Des head out for his match*

    Honorable Mention: @Randy Borton
  20. *Vanessa York walks into the locker room to interview JJ Colton, instead she finds a man sitting on a chair with his head down, the man's face cannot be shown because of a object he's wearing on his head*
    Vanessa York: Um hello, who are you?
    *The man stays silent*
    Vanessa York: Hey um, do you know where JJ Colton is?
    *The man stands up from his seat and looks at Vanessa*
    JJ Colton: *outstreches arms*
    You are looking right at him.
    *Vanessa starts to look at Colton's face and body paint*
    Vanessa York: Wow um, Colton you are wearing face paint and you have paint on some parts of your body, can you explain your new look?
    JJ Colton: Everytime I am wearing this face paint, it means that I'm ready for war, I am gonna bring the very best in me and I will show the whole world a different side of myself, I am bringing out this feeling I keep getting inside of me that wants to be free and take over me and now tonight is right time to do it, and the reason why is because I will be in the ring for a solid 15 minutes and I will spend that precious time showing King Votan the man that I truly am, I have been picked randomly to be in this match so that means that I will not disappoint the GM and the fans, I will do what I can to be the first ever Iron Man champion, King Votan needs to be at his very best tonight and hit me with every move that he knows because I will never stay down, he needs beat every breath out of my body if he has to defeat me so he needs to get ready for a match of his life, if you'll excuse me, I need to get ready.
    *Colton starts to leave the locker room*