Forum Game The Banning Game

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Simply, metaphorically of course, ban the person above you. State why they are banned.


    2- Person 1 is banned for having an ugly signature.
    3- Person 2 is banned for discriminating unfairly against smileys.
    4- Person 3 is banned for pretending to care about smileys' rights.

    You get the idea. Doesn't have to make sense... NIKE! :otunga:
  2. called me a kid :gtfo:
  3. having unmasked Kane on his sig
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  4. blame Punk he made it :pity:

    insulting my sig
  5. Use "Banned for" before your posts!!! :Angry:
  6. Banned for yelling at us :pity:
  7. Banned for keeping all the pizza to himself! :sad:
  8. called me a kid :gtfo: :pity:
  9. Banned for banning me
  10. Banned for not having me in their favorite users :dafuq:
  11. Banned for having cute kids. :gtfo: :otunga:
  12. Banned for ummmmm ....... being too nice!
  13. Banned for banning Brit :pity:
  14. Banned for not showing your face in a pic!
  15. I banish ALL OF YOU!
  16. Banned because I'm immune to bans.
  17. Banned for having loads of awards and i'm jelous
  18. Banned for been jealous of the awards I have. :vince: