The beggining of the end for Dolph and Vickie?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Dolph wrestles on his own now and last night Vickie "lost faith in him" - all be it temporarily - but I think WWE are slowly weaning Vickie away from Dolph so it doesn't have to be some big thing that could potentially turn Dolph face (if he ditched her). This is the way I suggested it should happen and I'm grateful for it, as we are seeing much more Dolph mic time rather than Vickie then small doses of Dolph. He has become one of the best mic workers in WWE after just a few years ago many were listing his mic skills as the area that lets him down.

    But yeah, how long before they completely separate?
  2. This is the #1 longest overdue happening in WWE. which is saying a lot
  3. Also, beggining?
  4. Crayo is an illiterate.
  5. I could have made it my first admin duty to change the title, but I think I'll just leave it.

    Can't believe they have finally done this, seemed like it was never going to happen. The fact that they refused to do it despite the fact he's proved to them so many times that he can is just pathetic. Why give him is own show on .com only to completely ignore his good work and keep him with Vickie?
  6. Yeah, it's probably going to end very soon. I hope so, too. It's very nice to see Dolph having some extra mic time, and I believe it's the start of his big push.