The beginning of the greatest to ever live....

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  1. Announcer 1: Welcomes everybody to *Music hits*

    Announcer 2: He's here! We have been waiting for this for weeks folks!

    Announcer 1: Its the Scottish prodigy!

    *Adam walks out on stage*

    Announcer 1: ITS TRUE! Adam Fraser IS HERE! HE IS HERE LIVE!

    Announcer 2: I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS FOLKS! We thought this would never happen but its happening right now!

    Adam: Ladies and Gentle please bring your attention to me and not the baboons on commentary. Ill tell you right now, im not happy to be here, Actually im on an open contract so I could walk out here right now! But no, Im here because after seeing this show on TV, Im disgusted by what I see! Last week I was contacted by the GM of IWT and he wanted me the Scottish Prodigy on IWT TV! Im here to fix this company, Im not here to be embraced by the crowd or put on a good show, im here to kick ass. Im not a wrestler.. Im an ASS KICKING MACHINE! Im here to win titles, Make money and to show all the little pussy ass bitches here what a REAL ass kicking is like!

    *Adams throws the mic at the Announcer, The music hits and he leaves*

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  2. *waits backstage and watches as Adam makes his way back. Chuckles a bit when he passes by*
  3. *Rodrigo ignores him when he passes by*
  4. *Rain re-watches the film*

    Man, these announcers will put over ANYONE.
  5. *Isn't impressed with his presentation but both fought in the backstage*
  6. *Shoves a pie in his face*

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  7. You're Austin Aries? :robbie:
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  8. *to busy reading, but keeps wondering who lets this fan in that has "deth" written on their shirt*