The Beginning

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  1. *Joel Rain walks down to the ring with a serious look, the crowd doesn't seem to know who he is*

    Announcer 1: Who's this guy?

    Announcer 2: According to recent news, that's Joel Rain, a newcomer here.

    *Joel Rain asks for a mic and stands in the middle of the ring*

    Rain: I'm guessing by that reaction that you don't know who I am. Let me introduce myself, my name is Joel Rain. I've been working my whole life to get somewhere in the wrestling business, now, here I am. Now you're probably wondering why I'm making this whole scene just to introduce myself. Let me tell you, yes, this is just introducing myself. But not only am I introducing you to Joel Rain, I am introducing you to the future, the future that is Joel Rain destroying the competition and becoming the best of the best!
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  2. *Orden interferes him and walks down the ramp mic in hand*

    (soon my own theme with this song)

    Man hold on, you're not the future, you're talking too much and haven't even fight, I propose you to fight me, you're a rookie and you're talking with the first ever Cruiserweight Champion and who won it in his second match in his career, if you can beat me I'll gladly admit you're the future but only the future because I'm the present and if I don't retire you won't be able to be better than me
  3. Suddenly Orden is interrupted, almost on cue as the crowd fills with boo's for as Aids and Jonathan walk out, to no music.

    Welcome to the IWT Joel, I hope you realize what great luck you have had to be in attendance like all of these pathetic individuals here (crowd roars with Asshole chants)....

    That's right (Holds up the IWT title in right hand, and the Million dollar championship in the other) I am Aids Johnson, YOUR Champion. You want to prove yourself? Order is a great test of a starting point, and i just so happen to have the general manager with me, let's make this official.

    Jonathan: You want to show everyone where you stand? Orden, Joel Rain. Tuesday 4/30/13, and if Joel Rain wins he becomes the #1 Contender for the cruiserweight title at our next ppv! (crowd cheers)

    Aids: Just dont forget who gave you your opportunity, Rain.

    Jonathan points over to Aids in what looks like the Outsiders pose, while Aids again holds his titles up. The music hits, overshadowing what the fans seem really interested in, Orden standing with his back to Aids and Jonathan, refusing to give notice.
  4. Cut the music, cut the music!

    Jonathan, what about if I win? You said if Joel wins he'll be the #1 contender, but if I win, what'll be my prize?
  5. You dont get a damn prize, now get the hell out my office.
  6. *Rain looks around and starts to speak*

    Rain: Soooo, do I do it?

    *The crowd erupts with cheers and Do It chants*

    Rain: Alright then, Aids, I hope you realize that I'm no push-over. Be ready for a fight, a fight that you have never seen before in your career here at IWT. Joel Rain is not one to mess around with, and soon all the members of the locker room will know that.

    *Rain drops the mic and poses on the turnbuckle while his music plays*