The better than IWT company presents: RAGING BLOODY ****!!

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  1. 1st match:

    Ten competitors are in the ring to start this event. Samus Aran(zero suit), Carl Johnson, Axl Rose, Satan, Zack Ryder, Miz's Dad, Luigi, Pinkie Pie, Testify's penis and Bill Gates. As soon as the bell rings, Testify's penis is eliminated for being to big. Then, Zack Ryder gets eliminated by well...everyone. Bill Gates pays Satan to try and eliminate Axl, but Axl kicks Satan in the balls and sends him outside of the ring. Axl then spears Bill Gates, telling him to go fuck himself as he throws the old man out. Meanwhile, Luigi and Pinkie Pie are at it. Luigi climbs the turnbuckle and goes for the double axe handle. Pinkie catches him with a superkick, knocking him out. Miz's Dad, goes behind Pinkie and eliminates her, then leg drops Luigi. Samus quickly swoops behind Axl, dodging punches and eliminates him. Axl throws a bitch fit and goes into the ring and eliminates Luigi. Carl Johnson starts punching out Miz's Dad. Samus helps Carl eliminate Miz's Dad, with the two let in the center of the ring.

    Samus and Carl begin grappling, soon punching each other out. Carl is against the turnbuckle, as Samus knees him in the stomach. "Aye bitch, you crazy!" He yells, as he begins to elbow her face. He then picks her up and body slams her in the ring. He begins stepping as her stomach. "Don't fuck with CJ!" He yells as he continues to stomp on her. He pick her up by the hair, and she breaks free. She pushes him, and then connects the super kick on his chin. Samus begins to climb the turnbuckle, but wait! CJ pushes her off, but she lands on her hands. She does a handstand, and lands on the barricade. CJ is asking for the bell to ring, thinking he won. Samus gracefully jumps to the steel steps and enters the ring. CJ turns around, just to meet a super kick to the face and be eliminated.

    "You're winner and number one contender for the AMW World Written Championship, Samus Aran!!!

    The crowd pops, the show starting off with such intensity!!
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