The big boot

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Out of the two men on the main roster currently using it, Sheamus and Luke Harper. Who does it the best in your opinion?

    My money is on Harper. His big boot is fucking brutal. Textbook big boot.

    RIP Tim Donst's face.

    Sheamus is okay but in my mind he can't compare to Harper.
  2. Harper since he looks taller and has longer legs. I love Sheamus' Brogue Kick, though.
  3. Yeah, I'm also going with Harper. I rarely see a Brogue Kick where I go "damn" but both those boots from Harper nearly every time have that effect.
  4. Read the exact same thread on WF today :pity1:

    Same two videos too.
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  5. I like Harper's more than Sheamus' big boot.
  6. That boot was stiff as fuck! I think Harper's is better, maybe you should call 1-800-Harper if you feel like getting knocked the fuck out.
  7. Rumbled
  8. #SherlockCrayo
  9. CrayoCreeping
  10. Hogan brother!
  11. Talking about big boots makes me miss Tests boot.
  12. The real question is, why were you on WF in the first place? #Traitor
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  13. Crayo exposed!
  14. Gotta go with Luke Harper. Damn it looks like it hurts.

    Me too dude, me too. RIP.
  15. Going with Harper's boot,the impact of it looks sick as hell.
  16. Harper. Thanks for a decent/postworthy thread in this array of human trash lately. Love you AK.
  17. Such a tader.
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  18. Sheamus' looks better because he jumps, but I prefer Luke's one.
  19. Dude, he is one of he top babyfaces, he can't be so Br00tal.

    Harper can do whatever the fuck he likes.

    IRL i'd rathter have Harper kick me.
  20. Hate to burst your bubble mate but the Brogue Kick is a Bicycle Kick, not a big boot.
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