Storyline The Big Guy is a farce

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  1. Michael is sitting in his office. His black eye is nothing but a blue mark under his eye. His hair is slicked back and has grown in length. His beard is long, reaching down to his Adam's Apple. He folds his hands on his desk and stares blankly at the camera, that is cinematically and slowly zooming in on Michael.

    Michael: I lost. I lost to Aids Johnson. I lost to the vermin, the disease, the cancer. But he's gained my respect. He has shown that he is more than a drunk bastard, but he is forewarned that down the line, we will meet again. We're tied, right now, but when we face again. You will be reduced back to that former puddle. You will be reduced back to the useless piece of trash, that you were. You may've struck oil, but everything has it's end. And whether I will be that end or not, be warned that a beating is awaiting. I'm not hurt, not physically or mentally. But what I am is eager. I am eager on how I will be able to end you, once again. You are a vermin. I am the exterminator.

    Michael: Now onto more pressing matters. What happened at IWT Uprising, with the Bullad Club has been itching my mind for far too long. Now they may say that they're leaderless and that their only goal is to take over IWT. But I'm not as fickle as they want me to be. I know that only one man has been calling the shots. He has been planning to take over the IWT and piss in it's mouth. This man is the newest vermin to crawl through the cracks and attempt to make a name for himself at my expense. He's the One Man Underappreciated. He's been nothing but a poison to the IWT and the IWT family. Who is this man? This man smirks and arrogantly struts about because he thinks his status as some kind of god will keep me from signing his pick slip. This man is none other than Danny Jacobs. I stood by as Jonathan did it, once, but I'll never let it happen again. I'm going to stomp out Danny Jacobs before he will ever be able to do anything to the IWT.

    Michael slowly rocks back and forth in his chair.

    Michael: Danny has been acting out, lately. He's been acting "crazy". But to anyone who has known Danny Jacobs, will know, it's nothing but a farce to act out of line with an excuse. He's gonna slap fans, bully rookies and try to rig title matches and then claim he's acting irrationally, by instinct. He wants to portray himself as some kind of animal. Some bad ass animal that deserves all the gold in the world. But he's right on that, he is an animal. He isn't a human, but a worthless animal. Unless he admits that he's been nothing but a farce and a poison in IWT, I'll spend every fiber of my being to make sure he doesn't ever become a human, but stays my bitch.
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