Storyline The Big Guys are hungry!

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  1. **The lights go black, and the tron lights up**

    **After the roar the Big Guy and Danny Jacobs come out to Alkatrz's theme each with a mic in hand. Alkatrz is still wearing an "I Killed Michael" shirt as he begins to talk**

    The Big Guys might be young. But like a baby that needs its milk. The Big Guys need their matches. You see you people all love The Big Guy Alkatrz, and whether you know it or not, you are gonna love the... "Not so Big, Big Guy Danny Jacobs". We are the next team of reckoning in IWT. We are not a tag team. We are brothers. This is not a bond formed from a lust for power. This is not a team bonded by hope. This is a team bonded by hunger.

    There is not a stronger instinct than the primal need to eat. Like the small Raptor, looking for it's meat, who teams with his brother, to slaughter the monster that stand 10x that little raptors size. We came to IWT for the same reason as those raptors. We came here to hunt. And like the greatest hunter in this world knows to do, we waited. But we didn't sit on our asses and wait for the day, no. We were in the grass, as much of every tag match as the competitors themselves.

    you see, you might think us Big Guys are dumb, stupid, egotistical, amazing, the best, the hottest, the sexiest, the biggest...

    What was I saying? Ughhh Not so Big, Big Guy, you jump in.

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  2. *Danny Jacobs takes the mic that Alkatrz handed from him and starts to talk*

    ''What you meant, Big Guy, was that we don't fucking care what people think of us. We are here to make an impact, Cyrus Wolfe-style, and do it by not only defeating everyone in this ring, but eating their skin as well. ''Feed me more'' isn't just some dumb catchphrase, it has a meaning behind it. Feed us more opportunities, feed us more titles, and last of all, feed us more men so we can rip them apart with our razor-sharp FUCKING teeth and eat every last bit OF THEIR FUCKING BODY BECAUSE WE'RE HUNGRY FUCKING *****S!''

    *Danny Jacobs gets his teeth out and tries to get out of the ring to feast on a random fan. Alkatrz talks him out of it, and calms him down. Danny Jacobs takes a deep breath before starting to talk again*

    ''I'm sorry.. I have issues.''

    ''So, what I wanted to say was, we never had a true match to prove ourselves as a tag team. Feed us that opportunity. I don't care if The Desperadoes want a piece of our meat, or maybe ReagPain would want to get eaten for a change? Hell, maybe The New Generation... Oh wait! We killed that already! Haha, The Big Guys!''

    *Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz start laughing a bit, and Danny grabs the mic from the floor and tells another joke*

    ''You know what's even funnier, Big Guy? Tsar having friends!''

    *At this point, Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz are crying on the floor in laughter for about 45 seconds. Jacobs grabs the mic after that long period, and goes on*

    ''We might be laughing right now, but this is no laughing matter. Anyone that wants to bring it, bring it. The Big Guys are hungry, and we're waiting on our pray to come down to the ring right now. Ya want sum, we'll give it ya m8!''

    *Danny Jacobs drops the mic, and together, ''The Big Guy'' and ''The Not so Big, Big Guy'', are waiting for a response*
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  3. **The Big Guys have been waiting in the ring for 20 minutes now, the crowd is dead, everyone is bored so the Big Guy picks up the mic and he furiously rips his shirt off in rage**

    What did I expect honestly. This goes to show that every and any team back there, is too fucking scared of us Big Guys to come out here for a match. So folks remember this day. Remember it when some hotshot team will say something ill about us,without saying it to our faces, that they had their chance, and they were just too big of bitches to deal with this like men.

    Heed our warning IWT. We are going to destroy every team in IWT now. We will kill each and everyone one of you, then my buddy Danny here will eat your fucking carcass' and treat you with the disrespect you treated us with here tonight. We will take anyone on. We don't care of your size, power, strength, race or age. This is IWT's apocalypse. And you are all under our food chain.

    **Alkatrz drops the mic and seems to take a breather and give anyone else a couple of minutes to come out**
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  5. OOC: i would help but i need a partner and pain ran away when we lost to the bwo so...
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  7. The Audience erupts in cheers as Aiden Ryan emerges on the stage, pacing back and forth slowly with microphone in hand he smiles at the two in the ring.

    "Just what we need another genetic abortion of a tag team, one to which can not even throw a hilarious joke. You know, Gentleman. I am all for the new stars taking over, but damn you two are annoying as hell! You think because no one comes out that they all of a sudden fear you? You both are very naive. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you're both...OBNOXIUS. But regardless of what you are someone is here to answer your wittle request and best be sured that you should not take this lightly. I may not have a partner by my side but that is all the more reason for you to accept. "

    "That is of course if you aren't afraid to face anyone outside the tag division? I wouldn't want you guys to feel completely out of your comfort zone, but you did say you were hungry... and well... as a prince i can't see my future worshippers go unfed. So here's what i propose... a TLC handicap match at the royal rumble pay per view... And let's make it a little more fun.... a TLC Handicap Elimination match... that way i will have to pin both of you to win..."

    "Sounds like a fair deal, right? What do you say?"

    He Lowers the microphone with a smirk drawn up his face. He continues pacing slowly with his arms behind his back.
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  8. **The Big Guy picks up the mic, and starts bursting out in laughter**

    Ummm, I don't think we have met before.

    **Alkatrz lets out another burst of laughter before finishing his sentance**

    Umm. I am the Big Guy. The one who broke Michael and TNG into ruins. I am one half of the Big Guys. And this to my right. This is the not so Big, Big Guy, Danny Jacobs. I'm sorry, I just wanted you to know what you were getting yourself in for, seeing as you clearly have no clue what you are stepping into jack. Now I have heard some buzz, your name has come up before, but you are not someone I consider to be in my way. You are already beneath me. So I will let you walk off now, to make it less embarrassing for yourself.
    But if you really want to do this. Just know. We will not hold back. We will not stop until they have to scrap your blood and bones of that mat to continue the PPV. See this mean son of a bitch to my right, he will not stop, until he has chewed every inch of flesh of your body papa. And this big son of a bitch. Won't stop until he has driven your head straight through a table, a ladder and a chair.

    Not so Big, Big Guy this guy is your call.

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  9. ''Hahaha, damn. This is funny. Some random fuckboy coming out to challenge us, with a Yellowcard track! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I didn't know faggots are allowed in IWT! Hahahaha. Why would you even come out here? Wouldn't a midget like you be scared of big men like us? I'd be if I was as big as you! Fuck, even my dick is bigger than you! Haha, The not so big, big guy!''

    ''I understand that you have a problem with our attitude, well, we don't fucking care. Yes, we are obnoxious but we have every right to be. I am 6'10 and Alkatrz right here, he's 7 ft tall. If you have a problem with us, well Royal Rumble is the place to be because not only can people see the Royal Rumble match, they'll be able to see Aiden Ryan get destroyed. You're on!''

    *Danny Jacobs tries to cheap shot Aiden Ryan, but Aiden Ryan ducks it and hits Danny Jacobs with a stiff right-hand that make him fall out of the ring. Alkatrz tries to attack him from behind, but Aiden Ryan ducks it again to hit Alkatrz with a roundhouse kick that sends him to the outside to retreat with Danny Jacobs whilst Aiden Ryan is smiling in the ring, with the crowd cheering along.*
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  10. **Alkatrz wipes his face and sees red running off his lip, he picks up the mic on rage**

    Royal Rumble! I'm gonna fucking kill you!

    **Alkatrz slings the mic across the arena in rage as he storms out through the ramp with Danny**

    (@Delik we are good for a match bubba)