The Big O

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  1. Can anyone tell me more about Zack Ryder's friend, "The Big O"? His real name? What organization does he normally work with? etc.
  2. The Big O? I've never heard of him to be honest. Could you maybe post a picture of him?
  3. [​IMG]

    Adam David?
  4. I love the guy. This is his twitter https:emoji_confused:/!/uhohitsthebigo and he's in NYWC at the moment and is undefeated. He's wanting to get signed by WWE.
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  5. New York Wrestling Connection. That's new to me. I've seen video clips of him telling opponents to get out of his "O" Zone and would like to see more. Thanks for the info.
  6. Jesus Christ!! That's one huge dude!
  7. Yeah, I want him to get moved up eventually, they're just developing him. He has a ton of charisma for a guy that big.
  8. Watching some videos now. He's a bit sloppy yet but he definitely has potential.
  9. This is a compilation of Big-O for those who don't know him.