Storyline The Big Pre Royal Rumble Fight

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  1. OOC: Let's try and make this not get out of hand. Don't no sell and don't come and try to be Goldberg (I'm looking at you Frank). Yes everyone is invited to join in. There is a pre-planned ending, you'll know it when you see, so don't try to change it, just go along with it. If you can't follow these guidelines, don't participate.


    The Datcolytes all line up at the ramp and bow down. The concubines come through the curtain and start throwing flower pedals to the path to the ring. The Cure in pastor's outfits and stand on opposite ends on the ramp. Dat Kid comes through the curtain dressed as the pope, holding a golden staff with the initials DK at the top of it. Kid heads down to the ring with The Cure.

    Kid pulls of the top part of the staff and there's a mic inside. Kid raises hands the top to Jwab and David holds the mic for Kid..

    Can you all feel that...

    Can you feel the spirit of the LOOOOORD almighty feel the arena tonight! And you want to know why you can feel the power of your lord and savior Jersey Christ more than ever? Because the day of reckoning is upon us! In a match where the entire population of the IWT will enter the ring and I will CHOOSE who wins The Royal Rumble! There's not skill, there's no luck, there is no winners, and there are no losers. You see the Royal Rumble should be renamed to God's Choice because I have handpicked the man who will defeat 29 other men!

    And I see the look on your faces my children. You're thinking to yourselves "Why God?! Why are you choosing someone to win a match that you can obviously win without breaking a sweat?" Plain and simple children. I am God and I will not be used, to make an irrelevant championship significant again. However, that will not stop me from dethroning the king of sinners, Aids Johnson! You see, for I have chosen the man who will win and I have done this with thread and needle meticulousness, yes i have.

    Gav The Chav! *crowd pop*

    ...will not win the Royal Rumble. *crowd boos, Kid laughs* There are people in this arena who actually believe that?

    The Order...would surely urinate themselves before figuring out how to make it to the ring and I'm sure PETA will see that these animals are placed under proper care by being removed from the IWT.

    Unknown!...wears a gas mask because he can't stand the smell of his own putrid sin. Parading around as a false idol.

    Farooq!...will surely wear a woman's wig again before winning the Royal Rumble and it's a sin to be homosexual, keep that in mind the next time you decide to play arts and crafts with your genital areas.

    Frank The Jock...will NOT be entering the Royal Rumble. He will simply have Nano compete for him, which'll mean I get to through Nano over the top rope, twice.

    Senhor Perfect...The closest he will get to mania is sitting at home watching himself lose the main event from last year.

    All former members of The Cure...Jwab and David will be taking care of you personally and will baptize you in your own blood for the sins you committed.

    Mr, Sackfist...You return this sunday. I don't know who resigned you, but I'll make sure to make them scratch their heads about you, when I make you the fastest elimination in Rumble history.

    And I can go on and on about every single person who would never cut it as God's chosen one, but I'd rather show you who I've chosen.

    Joey Bryant! *huge crowd pop, like panties got wet and niggas is slipping on the floor*

    I know you haven't aligned yourself with me, at least not yet, but you are still God's Choice. You have 3 men who will personally protect you during the rumble and will make sure that you are the last man standing in that ring. It is your fate to be in the main event at Wrestlemania, so I want you to come out here, shake my hand, so the world can get a glimpse at it's future. @DK Batista

    Kid's concubines begin throwing more flower pedals for the anticipated arrival of Joey Bryant
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  2. Farooq comes out through the crowd, holding a microphone as he looks at Dat Kid. "You wanna play God you nappy headed gorilla? Let me tell you about the real ten commandments. One; Thou shalt not be a bitch ass nigga. Two; Thous shalt not be a nappy headed ho. Three; Thou shalt stop being the bitch, and start slapping one. Four; Thou shalt not wack their dick to tentacle hentai. Five; Thou shalt not take thy nigga, or thy nigga get shot. Six; Thou shalt not be Jono. Seven; Thou shalt not be a skinny headed fucka who can't get no bitches on their dick. Eight; Thou shalt not come out to a ghetto ass Kanye West song. Nine; Thou shalt not walk with a cane unless he has a broken back from taking it....and that's why David's dick smells like Dat Kid's shit. Ten; Thou shalt..." Before Farooq finishes he goes in the ring and spears Dat Kid,l then starts punching him on the face.
  3. *Unknown runs through the crowd and into the ring, he holds one IC Title belt, he waits for Farooq to stop punching Kid and hits him with the belt*
  4. * A cryptic song starts to play*

    *An Anon masks flashes on the screen holding a Ronald Mcdonald mask*

    *Anon walks slowly toward the ring, and spits blood in Unknown's face*
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  5. *
    . The Order's theme hits, with the arena going dark and steam rising from the floor. When the lights come back on, David and Jwab are laid out, with no sign of who did it (well, maybe)*
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  6. Chris Kaizer and Tim Tebow are standing in a luxury box in the arena

    Meh, this is boring, Tebow.


  7. *The crowd pops as B.Dazzle and @gav the chav walk out from backstage. Gav looks eager to fight, but B.Dazzle holds him back. B.Dazzle stands at the top of the ramp with a mic in his hand.*

    B.Dazzle: Now before B.Dazzle and Gav make our way down to that ring and beat each and every candy ass in that ring, B.Dazzle would like to say something. The Royal Rumble. 30 men, one ring, one prize. It''s every man for themselves. Gav, that means B.Dazzle will show no hesitation on throwing you Chavy ass over the top rope. Now, B.Dazzle knows you won't have a problem doing the same thing. So, whether it's Gav, Gav's mum, Gav's dad, the jabroni in the third row, or God himself, B.Dazzle won't have a problem throwing their *Crowd says it along* Roody Poo Candy Ass over that top rope.

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and him and Gav run down to the ring. Gav goes after Farooq and Kid, while B.Dazzle charges straight after Unknown. B.Dazzle and Unknown brawl on the outside while Gav and Farooq double team Kid.*
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  8. Kaizer: Much fight
    Tebow: Such rumble
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  9. Knight runs down to the ring, still wearing his hoodie and goes after the Cure, Who are down on the mat due to the Mystery Attacker.

  10. *At 21 seconds of the song, Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage. He sees everyone brawling and begins to pace back and forth on the stage with the crowd cheering for him. Before running down to the ramp, he raises the mic to his face as some of the competitors in the ring listen, and others just continue to fight with each other.*

    "I must have interrupted at the wrong time, and you know it seems a little odd that even AFTER I get my big push and main event two PPVs, guys like Dat Kid and these fans still want to see me main event wrestlemania. I never expected it, and you know, it's time to live up to that hype. The Royal Rumble is every many for himself, allies have come in handy in the past, and Joey Bryant needs to be in that main event..."

    *Joey sprints down to the ramp as the crowd cheers loud. He slides in the ring and looks for someone to target. He sees Kid lying on the ground getting doubled teamed by Farooq and Gav, and he runs and hits his forearm right to the back of Gav's head and the crowd gives off a mixed reaction. He pushes Farooq away too, and stands in front of Kid on the ground. He kicks Kid's body and yells at him to "GET UP" before getting ready for whoever tries anything funny next.*
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  12. *gav gets up of the floor and looks in joey bryants direction*

    (Gav the chav) oi you cheeky **** what the fuck do you think your doing?

    *gav tackles joey to the ground and unleashes a barrage of punches before frie drags gav away from his tag team partner*
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  13. *Kaizer is eating popcorn*
    Kaizer: JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
  14. *B.Dazzle knocks Unknown to the ground and runs in to the ring. He charges over to Gav and tackles Frie from behind.
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  15. *Joey stands up, holding his chin with a smirk on his face. He points at Gav.*


    *He pushes Gav into the corner and begins a barrage of punches before releasing. He checks on Kid again, who is still laying on the ground. Joey pushes his body into the corner and stands by it.*
  16. *
    The Order's theme hits again, and this time out comes an unknown masked man. The man just peculiarly stands at the ramp, not making any movements. Suddenly, he takes his mask offf, revealing Alias Antonio, with a slight beard and looking more huskier. He slowly makes his way to the ring, not taking an eye off the ensuing chaos*
  17. Kid gets back up and he is seeing red. He pats Joey Bryant on the back before running at B.Dazzle and hitting him with a big boot. Without even looking down at @Friemasterflex (who was tackled by B.Dazzle) he offers his hand to Frie to help him up.
  18. *Frie is hesitant and surprised while looking at Dat Kid's helping hand. He is helped up and stares at Dat Kid before shaking hands with him. Joey, Frie, and Kid look at eachother in agreement.*
  19. *Alias finally enters the ring, smirks and lifts himself up to he turnbuckle, just patiently awaiting something*