Storyline The Birth of a Bro-ther Hood

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  1. It's a fine Saturday afternoon in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The sun is out, and the Boardwalk is already filling up with tourists and locals alike. However, our scene takes us into "Island Gym" located not far from the Boardwalk. The gym is not full, but a few regulars are getting their reps in. Over by the cable pulley machine, Louie Aldo is seen seated on the machine, working on his back muscles. His tank top is soaked through with sweat, but he is still pushing through. He has a pair of "Beats by Dre "headphones on, blasting Chance the Rapper's "No Problem." After a few more reps, Louie is finished with the machine and immediately goes over to a mirror and begins flexing and complimenting himself.

    Louie: Ayo Louie, you look like a million bucks bro. This GTL shit got you lookin like a straight G.

    After admiring his body for a few more moments, he grabs a towel he had with him and begins to wipe his sweat off. Some of his fake tanner can be seen running off of his body, but he doesn't seem to notice it too much. When he's done drying off, he begins to walk toward the locker room, when something catches his eye. A bigger, bearded guy can be seen doing curls with 25lb weights in each hand. Louie, not recognizing him grabs a gym employee named Tony, who has almost the exact same look as Louie.

    Louie: Yo, Tony. Who's the gorilla over there?

    Tony: Oh, that guy? Some dude that just signed up today. Says his name's Pauly or somethin like that.

    Louie: Well, how about ya boy goes and gives him a good ol Boardwalk welcome, you know what I'm sayin?

    Tony: Aight, I hear you, bro. Imma skate outta here, though. Got some creepin to do before tonight.

    Louie: Aight bro, I'll catch you tonight.

    They do a really complicated handshake before Tony leaves. Louie approaches the man, constantly fixing his sweat drenched hair. He goes up to the man and doesn't hesitate to talk to him.

    Louie: Ay, wassup bro. Name's Louie.

    The man pulls out the earbuds he had in and turns toward Louie. He looks far from amused. Louie notices this pretty quickly, as the man begins to speak.

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  2. This is why i left New Jersey
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  3. Paul Ravana had just finished his lower leg muscle routine and was in the middle of his 25lb curls, a set amount of weights that he was used to he wasn’t even focused on trying to lift them up repeatedly, he could just naturally do it out of habit now. His tank top was completely removed and was around his left shoulder, his earbuds playing Slayer’s “Reign In Blood”, Paul wasn’t focused on those around him nor was he particularly focused on his workout. No, he was more focused on his match at IWT Summer Slam, what was once a one on one affair had turned into a 9-man battle royal for the IWT Television Championship. A mixture of frustration and delight had clouded Paul’s mine, on one hand it felt like IWT was putting him under the bus to cut down matches, being forced to go to New Jersey for an IWT public event didn't help his mood either. On the other hand, eight different people for Paul to show off his power and abilities against wasn’t a necessarily bad thing. But before Paul could think of any strategies for trying to deal with each competitor in the battle royal, a strange looking man with what seems to be a fake tan came up to him.

    Louie: Ay, wassup bro. Name's Louie.
    He looks at Paul with a cheerful and welcoming tone to him and even raises his hand in Paul’s direction. For some reason, Paul couldn’t help feel to shake his hand as well but soon he realizes that this man had just interrupted his reflection on the opponents he was facing. The look of surprised instantly turned into a pissed off scowl as Paul was forced to take his earbuds off and get up.

    Paul: (Breaths Out) What the hell do you want with me?
    This Louie was startled by Paul’s blunt words and began to reply. But before he could, Paul spoke again.

    Paul: Ravana, Paul Ravana. That's my name, now do you have anymore questions or are you done with me?
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  4. Louie doesn't seem too phased by Ravana's harsh words, ho doesn't even recognize him as one of his opponents at SummerSlam. Instead, Louie is more focused on the man's physique.

    Louie: Well, Pauly, I know for sure that I ain't never seen you here before, so I'd figure I'd size ya up and see what it is that you're all about.

    Paul raises his eyebrow, still confused at what the hell Louie was bothering him for. Noticing this, Louie lets out a small sigh.

    Louie: Look, I was gonna make you an offer to come out to Karma to me. Ya know, show ya the Boardwalk and maybe catch some dimes, you know what I'm sayin? C'mon bro, it'll be better than spending your night alone in some hotel. Whaddya say?

    Louie puts his hand on Paul's shoulder, showing no mind to the amount of sweat on his body and puts out his fist for a fist bump.
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  5. If this had been any other gym rat, Paul would have just declined and told him to leave him the hell alone. But then he realized the name "Louie Aldo", one of the competitors that is in the same Battle Royal as Paul is. Realizing the opportunity he had of finding out more on his opponent. Paul began to reply to his offer.

    "Sure... Let me go get my things."
    At that point Paul had begun grabbing his things and started heading to his locker, this initially started Louie who was confused that he actually managed to convince him in the first place but was ultimately satisfied that Paul would agree to his plans despite the harsh exterior he had before. Tonight was going to be wild.
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