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  1. *Senhor walks down the ramp in a custom tailored three piece suit with a smug look on his face, carrying a clip board with the letters PWGP adorned on it*

    Good evening all of you poor excuses for humanity. I've come here tonight to make an announcement that will blow all of your tiny heads off.

    I've gotten so many emails and have been asked this so many times on the street. "Senhor, you're my favourite wrestler why haven't you been in action lately?" A wise man once said you can never have enough money and nothing beats being your own boss. That wise man was me!

    So I've used the vast fortune I've accumulated entertaining you dunderheads, to start my own wrestling promotion: Perfect Wrestling Grand Prix, or PWGP for short. This promotion will be fast paced, total nonstop acti.....entertainment!

    Now you may be asking yourself, why would Jonathan let competition onto his show? Well it's pretty simple, the old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer is the best way to describe what's went down.

    IWT and PWGP will have a working relationship with talent sharing and cross promotion. It's the classic case of I scratch his back he scratches mine. I need some of his established talent and name recognition. He needs me to not steal all of my friends away from his company. Last not not least, we both make a lot more money!!!

    So without further ado, here is the PWGP roster!

    Jr. Heavyweight division:
    @Farooq - Tank Sweetness
    @TheOvalhead - IWTs own Sir Lee
    @Shadow - Justin Black
    @Shannon_724 - IWT's own Luke Starr
    @Slim Shady - Adam Hawk
    @Forrest - IWT's own Bruce Knight
    @D-D-David - IWT's own David Erro
    @Nickelodeon - Mike Jones
    @Friemasterflex - Frie Carter
    @B.Dazzle - Solomon Grace
    @gav the chav - IWT's own gav the chav
    @Zach - Wolfdietrich Mecklenburg

    Heavyweight Division:

    @Stopspot - Atlas
    @geekgoddess - Anglea Bateman
    @DK Batista - IWT's own Joey Bryant
    @Seabs - Luis Boden
    @THG? - IWT's own Alias Antonio
    @Trip in the Head - IWT's own trip in the head
    @Dolph'sZiggler - D'Z
    @CM Punk - Dominic Flames
    @TheArabHammer - Tony Nitro
    @Dat Kid - "The Mayor" Harvey Cobblepot

    Not only will these great competitors be vying for individual titles, they will be partnered up randomly to compete for the tag titles!

    The match schedule will be posted very soon and will take place shortly after the IWT Slammy PPV. our first tour will take place in the UK.

    *Senhor exits the ring as he arena buzzes over the announcement*
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  2. OOC: This going to be awesome. Can't wait to get started in the Jr. Division.
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  3. *Sir Lee watches the announcement via his TV*

    Sir Lee: How neat, the first tour will be in my home nation, the mighty Britannia! I wonder if our wonderful Prime Minister Davey played a part in that...

    Well....No point just watching this all happen, I need to playing my part too.

    *Sir Lee, already dressed in his appropriate wrestling attire, slowly lifts from his leather arm chair, places his tea down onto his brown chesnut coffee table, he walks over to his wardrobe, opening it up to find his old wrestling boots gifted to him by William Regal when he met in 2008, after taking a moment to stare at beauty of the Red, White and Blue which forms the boots colour scheme, he grabs his cloth and scrupulously wipes the dust off, then placing them his feet with great care. After deeming his appearance satisfactory he turns towards the door, making his way out*

    Sir Lee: Cardiff Gym.... Here I come!

    *Sir Lee slams his door shut on the way out*
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  4. Knight looks on Backstage, Smiling while he watches.
    Knight: Well....It looks like I'm coming Home.....Hopefully, We'll head to Liverpool.....I Guess I'll be needing these then.
    Knight shows two tickets to Bristol Airport, then begins to pack his suitcase with a bunch of casual clothes, with one or two suits. He then packs another Suitcase with his Wrestling gear. He then sits back down and turns over to watch Something else.
    Knight: First, Defeat Kaizer, then travel to the UK. Wait....I have two tickets.....
    Knight goes backstage and shouts:
    Knight: Who wants to hitch a ride to the UK!
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  5. OOC: I want to do a hype promo too.

    *A man wearing a dark red robe is seen sitting in a candle lit room with his fire place on. He watches Senhor's announcement than turns off the Television. He grabs a journal off of a desk and begins to write. He speaks the words he is writing.*

    Man: A tour through the United Kingdom? That is something I can get behind. What better place to spread my enlightened thoughts than the very place that was the center fold of the age of enlightenment. The fools of PWGP better heave my words and understand my mind. For I, Solomon Grace, shall connect to their mind like twine. They seek championships, glory, and fame. But I....I seek to unveil true shame.

    *Solomon chuckles.*

    Solomon: The masses may turn a blind eye, but they will regret it when they begin to die. I am here to mend the lives of the simpler man in to something greater. Something greater than they can ever truly be. The words that I use will set their soul free. Ignore me once, that brings shame to you. Ignore me again.....brings the end of you. Man doesn't understand the greater things of life. They try to keep the strings of life together, but it gets cut by fate's knife.

    *Solomon puts down the book and picks up a cup of tea. He takes a little sip and puts the tea cup down.*

    Solomon: PWGP........The words of Solomon live forever.
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    OOC: Tbh I thought my gimmick would be Heavyweight Division worthy. I'm excited either way.

    *Frie is about to ride in his private jet*

    "Jr. Heavyweight divison, get ready for your utter embarassment when you see what "The Gem of Wealth" Frie Carter is all about."

    *Carter gets in the jet*
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  7. *Joey Bryant is standing in back listening to the announcement. He smiles big when he hears where he's been placed.*

    "That's cool, man. Time to show the world what the real Joey Bryant is all about friends."

    OOC: Really looking forward to this actually, was debating on using Joey with a different gimmick but it could help me develop him more and test out other gimmicks.
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  8. OOC: I'm excited for this

    *Tony Nitro applauds the tv screen after the announcement was made and grabs his camera and turns it on*

    The Perfect Wrestling Grand Prix is about to take off

    And I'm in the tournament y'all, the heavyweight playoff

    Now that strap is what I'm aiming for and no ones gonna stop me

    The rest will learn from my success and my game plan's what they'll copy

    So it's coming up quick people like in the blink of an eye

    Your future heavyweight champ? Tony Nitro's your guy

    Nitro out

    *turns off camera*
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  9. *Video plays on the titantron*

    *Trip in the Head can be heard laughing as beginning of the Order of Night's theme song plays over the speakers and fades out*

    Show Spoiler
    Sorry, felt like being cheesy
  10. Mission accomplished :lol1:
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  11. LOL had to change the link for it to actually work. Stupid embed blocking!
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  12. OOC: I can't wait for cross promotion champ matches. Excited to see how those will go.
  13. OOC: what if both my characters cross paths.....
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  14. D'oh!
  15. That's where a Jim Ross smiley would work.....BAH GAWD
  16. OOC: we wouldn't let that happen lol.
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