Storyline The Bro Has Arrived!

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    . This unfamiliar theme reverberates through the PA System, slightly puzzling the IWT Universe. However, there are sections of the crowd who recognize the theme and begin to mark out loud. Jack Antonio instantly comes out which receives even more of a louder pop, fist-pumping and dancing his way down to the squared circle*

    MAN I AM HYPED TO BE HERE TONIGHT AT THE BEST DAMN PROMOTION AROUND, IWT! *crowd cheer wildly* THAT'S RIGHT BROS, THE BRO HIMSELF, THE LAST FSW CHAMPION, JACK ANTONIO IS HERE! *FS-DUB chants begin to resound throughout the arena as Jack Antonio smiles*
    This response is astonishing! Thank you bros!

    *Jack pauses, allowing the crowd to simmer down*

    For those of you not aware of who this handsome physical specimen is, I am Jack Antonio, brother of Alias Antonio. *Mix of cheers and boos*
    Man I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I hate being negative in general, but just recently, my brother got kidnapped by a bunch of barbaric moronic sheep, led by none other than the resident slut around here, Brianna. *Crowd laugh*
    I tried adding a bit of comedy to that, but the fact of the matter, is that my brother is missing, and that has been haunting me ever since it's occured.
    Lets be honest, me and Alias have never gotten along well, we both went our distinct paths in our lives and careers, even as wrestlers, we just never get on. We've never seen eye to eye, but when someone tries to mercilessly attempt to kill my brother, it is in my best interest to bring out the same side which won me the FSW Championsip and destroy The Order before it has even started! I know Alias being the stubborn SOB he is, he would not allow me to get involved, but I just can't let this pass by me obliviously. Whether with me or without me, I 100% have trust in my brother that he will make it out of The Order and come back even stronger than he was before. Nonetheless, I want The Order to come out here and answer the questions that I want answering! C'mon out! *Crowd pop*

    OOC: This is not actually for The Order to answer, it's for someone else. So Trip, Arab, Brit, do not answer yet please. Thanks.
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  2. OOC: I was probably the only one in the crowd chanting FS-Dub
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  3. The crowd boo at the hit of Alias theme song. Out comes Chris Kaizer with a huge smile on his face. The song stops as Kaizer's theme starts to play

    Kaizer starts to walk towards the ring

    Jack, oh Jack. I wouldn't want to mention FSW when I first come back, I would like people to take me serious. Now, where ever your brother is, I don't care, it's making my match at the Rumble easier. Jack, do you want your brother back? Hmmm? Do you miss him? Uh? Do you want to see him again? You want answers? From The Order? I already got the answers, your brother is probably happy that he doesn't even have to think about seeing you. While you stand here and cry about it, he is probably happy about it. Jack, shut up, go back to what ever hole you were already in, and cry about how you will never be at the top of another company again! You were the top in the XFL, while your brother is going to the top of the NFL. Jack, get the hell out of this ring.

    Kaizer steps to the side. He points to the entrance ramp. He taps Jack on back, before hitting over the back of the head with the microphone. He starts kicking him. He picks Jack up and hits his finisher, Tebowned (T-bone Suplex).

    Actually, let me do that for you.

    Kaizer picks him up and throws him out of the ring. He picks him up again and throws him into the steps. He kicks him a few more times before dragging him to the top of the stage. He hits a DDT. He taunts Jack and Alias before leaving Jack laying knocked out.
  4. OOC: Finisher should be Tebowned, not Teboned.
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  6. I don't even understand how you didn't think of it.
  7. I was listening to What A Feeling...