The Bromigo has arrived

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  1. *Jwab arrives in a suit*​
    Jwab: Well, it's time that IWT changes. I, Jwab, will change it for the better and perfect all that lies here in the depths of IWT. I am tired of seeing people complain about the differences or if someone gets screwed over. They need to learn to live in the present and not get caught in the past. That is why I am recruiting a team....a team that will cure IWT of its sickness. I hope you all are ready for a change cuz I will not be finished til everything is in my image. Join me....join the future.​
    OOC) I literally have no idea if I'm supposed to challenge random people or not but I thought it would be pretty cool to form a stable and I usually love to be in E-Feds. So yeah...​

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  2. I should have made this a little longer...but oh well
  3. *Jacob enters the ring mic in hand with his street clothing*

    You said you're making an stable, I want to take part of it, the IWT is simply crazy right now, people here don't know what to cheer or boo for, that's why I want to take part on it, I want this stupid guys out here to understand the concept. I'll be in your stable!

    OOC: What will the name of the stable be?
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  4. *Jwab extends his hand*

    Looks like we have a job to do! We need to cure everyone from this disease infested shithole known as IWT.

    OOC: I don't know yet. The project name when I was making it was "Bromigo" lol
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  5. Sure, we do have it, we'll get every gold in the IWT!

    OOC: Looks cool the name, but what about "SABLE" ? (Stable Able to Beat Literally Everyone)
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  6. All we have to do is make an impact then they will notice the future of this very business.

    OOC: I just don't like how it is SABLE lol If you can think of something badass. I'll use it.
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  7. And I know exactly how to make that impact...

    OOC: I'll think it and PM you the name
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  8. *gives a giant smirk*

    Let the cure spread.

    OOC: kk lol
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  9. I CAME
    I SAW
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. lmao, SABLE
  12. I think it's safe to say that I have the biggest debut in IWT history.
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  13. I can't believe I almost had a stable with fucking Nanorah. Thank fucking god for not going through with that shit. My promo is pretty OP also.
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