The Bryan/Lesnar feud that could've happened.

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  1. It's a foregone conclusion that Daniel Bryan would have at least lasted until SummerSlam where he'd ink a contract with Lesnar.
    It's a great David/Goliath match that writes itself.
    Brie Bella never would have quit following the short-lived Bryan has to forfeit the title saga.
    I wonder if they could have worked an angle where Lesnar stalked her, grabbed by the back of the head only for her to faint out of terror.
    Not only would Bryan outmatched physically, but Lesnar could legitimately claim superiority as a mat wrestler.
    This could plant doubt in Bryan's mind. He'd be torn between tending to Brie and actually wrestling the match. They could work his father's passing into his confliction as well.
    As the crowd chanted "YES" Bryan would walk slowly to the back, not sure if he even had the heart to wrestle the beast.

    What are your thoughts on this match? Would the build be better? Lesnar could obviously win and defeat Cena on a later date. Would the match exceed expectation?
  2. Well, of course Bryan vs Lesnar would have been better. It's a fresh match-up that we haven't seen before and no doubt one that would have been better than Cena vs Lesnar (which will be great in its own right, don't get me wrong.) Just look how good Brock vs Punk was last year (it was easily MOTY of 2013 for me.) Bryan and Lesnar could have been of a similar match quality, if not better. Bryan using his agility and quickness to counter Lesnar's size and brute strength would have made for an interesting contest, not to mention the ultimate underdog story.

    It's fun to imagine all the things that Paul Heyman would say to Bryan, like telling him that he's been living the idyll dream ever since pulling off a miracle at Wrestlemania, but very soon, the dream is over because reality is coming to smack Daniel Bryan in the face and that harsh reality is Brock Lesnar. Or telling him that it's good that his father passed away when he did because now he won't have to suffer through watching his son take the absolute beating of a lifetime. Or telling Brie that she would be better off not even watching the match because her husband will never be the same again after Summerslam is over.
  3. If WWE were to write Brie off with some sort of phobia or make her bed-ridden, it would be a perfect reason for Bryan to delay his rematch with Lesnar.
    With Lesnar winning, Bryan understandably tends to his ailing wife. The 'E' would check on Bryan every few weeks as he builds his desire to get back in the ring to reclaim his title.
    Meanwhile, Cena steps up and ultimately loses to Lesnar at NoC. At the October PPV, Lesnar would be 'given the night off' marking the first time in a world title hadn't been defended at PPV in so many years.
    At Survivor Series, Lesnar assembles a team against John Cena who's team has a mystery partner that ends up being Daniel Bryan.
    The December PPV Lesnar would defend the title against Bryan and retain in a screwy finish.
    At Royal Rumble, Bryan wins the Rumble, but Lesnar retains the title in a match with Reigns where the face pretty much kicks his a**.
    At the Chamber Bryan wins the championship without making Lesnar look too weak.

    Bryan walks into Mania with the belt against Lesnar (rematch), Reigns (whom Lesnar is semi-feuding with still) and John Cena (who'd owed a rematch from Bryan, anyways)
    It would be a Fatal Fourway at Wrestlemania, where Reigns walks out with the championships.... exactly 15 years since the last Fatal Fourway happened at WM 2000.
  4. I'd rather see Bork vs Cena II
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  5. Rather have Orton vs Lesnar is a dream match

    Bryan vs Lesnar coul give us wrestling fans hope. Run thus thriugh your greymatter. How inspirational would it be for us to see our representative slay the beast. Bryan is like us wrestling fans, the underdog on the outskirts of socirety, overlooked and underpappreciated . WWE are letting us live through him
  6. Not to shoot down your dream scenario here or anything, but it's crazy to think that WWE would ever keep the championship on Lesnar for that long. It would mean over half a year of house shows without the WWE Championship ever being defended. I'm personally of the belief that attendance for live attendance is drawn more by people coming out to see their favorite superstars rather than seeing the WWE Title being on the line (no one honestly thinks a world title switch is gonna happen on a house show anyway) and I feel this theory was strengthened last year when The Rock held the title for a couple of months (obviously he didn't work house shows) and the average attendance didn't really change a bit if memory recalls. However, WWE doesn't see it that way. They view the world title as the main event (or on the occasion that there's a match bigger than the title, the semi-main event), and there's no way they're gonna go seven or eight months without the championship being defended there.

    If Lesnar did walk into Wrestlemania as champion (although you have him losing it at EC in your scenario), I'd prefer a one-on-one encounter since that just feels like a more epic environment for him to lose on the grand stage in. I also wouldn't like doing consecutive multi-man matches two PPV main events in a row, personally.
  7. Not offended at all Lock. My proposed Lesnar reign is far too long given Lesnar's conditions.
    My proposal was designed to keep promote those four individuals in the minds of the viewer.
    It isn't my fault, its Lesnar's. We'd all like a lengthy Lesnar reign, but Lesnar won't play ball.
    I've b***end about that already

    Nonetheless, its just one angle that justifiably is flawed.
  8. I would've preferred it over the Cena feud, yes. Fresher and frankly it would've probably been better.
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  9. A Bryan/Lesnar feud could last a tad longer because of how personal it would've gotten.
    The Cena/Lesnar is almost too straight forward because Cena hasn't evolved in any way, nor do Cena and Lesnar have anything in common.
    Bryan and Lesnar are both great wrestlers and the WWE Universe feels like they really know Daniel Bryan as a person. It's a quality Lesnar could easily exploit.
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  10. Cena vs Brock is much more appealing in my book.
  11. From a big picture perspective, Bryan would be put over far more for simply being in the ring with Brock.
    I'm sure pro-Cena/Brock don't particularly care, but Cena benefits zero from this match while Brock gets a huge rub
    Ironic, isn't it, Brock is a bigger name but will get the bigger rub of the two by the end of the match.
    In reality, Brock decimating Bryan may have gotten the only amount of heat even close to the amount received from defeating Undertaker. Once could make the argument defeating Reigns could get him even more heat.
  12. I'd book it headline the next WrestleMania, the story writes itself and could lead to big ratings and live gates for WWE.
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  13. Smart motherf***ing guy. I'm not sure about the big ratings but I, personally, couldn't care less.
    These two are tailor made for one another (speaking of Lesnar and Bryan)
    To be honest, I'm done with big picture and giving a f*** what gullible knuckle draggers believe . I'd like this match-up and would pay to see a series of it.
  14. Bryan/Lesnar is a match that would get me excited. Needs to happen.
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  15. i posted a similar thread
  16. I must have missed it. Sorry.
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  17. I agree with Bryan fighting Brock: wish it could've happened. Every aspect of that match would be great. The one who conquered The Streak faces the one who beat all of evolution in the same night to capture the championship. It would be gold. Undoubtedly, that was most likely the plan heading into Summerslam. Of course, however, Bryan got injured and is currently sidelined; thus, we had Cena become champ as he was the only "bigger" face that people could see battling Brock. And Cena is dependable, whether you like him or not.

    I have a feeling, based off how the Cena and Brock match went, that DB will be first in line to face Brock right when he returns... I see them letting Brock reign until DB comes back and is the one to beat the one....that is unless DB can't return anytime soon and his neck is still in piss poor condition.
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  18. Brock holding the title too long is unlikely.
    His commitment to the business is far too mediocre.
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  19. I agree. He needs to pull a Batista and stay for like 3-4 months full time. and then lose the belt. but if DB isn't beating him, idk who will.
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  20. 3-4 months full time is asking too much. Asking him to work seven dates per month isn't asking too much considering the investment they've made.
    Daniel Bryan defeating would be great if they built it up with some credibility.