Storyline The Bullad Club

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  1. The following was filmed after the events of IWT: Retribution.

    We open on James Dragon, Scott Fargo and Danny Jacobs walking down the backstage hallways with arrogant stride. The trio exuding an air of pride and self-assurance after their vicious sneak attack on Jack Forte, Bishop and Spawn. Along with ending the Pay-Per-View standing tall, having destroyed the set. An Interviewer appears, a briskness to his step and some alarm from his face. He begins speaking as he draws closer to the group.

    “Gentlemen, I wanted to get some information on-”

    The microphone is violently yanked from the man’s hands by Fargo as the massive Danny Jacobs shoves the interviewer off camera. Fargo and Dragon laugh, as Fargo steps forward with a smirk on his face.

    “I was right, you know? Whilst Forte and his best friend Bishop spent the night together in the hospital, because of us mind you, me and the boys spent the night celebrating.Celebrating the fact that I was right. I said a legend would fall and I was right. Jack Forte fell. I also said, at IWT Retribution, a new legend would rise. And we..”

    Fargo laughs.

    “We are that legend.”

    Fargo smirks and steps back. He hands the microphone to James who looks into the camera with a sneer.

    “I told Michael. I warned him from day one, that disrespecting me would be the last mistake he ever makes. See, when you try to tell talented people that they’re not good enough. They will spite you. What has happened here, is proof of that. Myself and Danny Jacobs used to separate ourselves from the rest of the common mediocrity with a small group known as The Bullad Club. We separated ourselves because, quite frankly, we were better than everyone else. Tonight, you saw the rebirth of that group. However, whilst the best are still contained within this group, the mission statement is different. We are not content to sit by and let our talent speak for itself. IWT, is our playground. The three of us will now do as we see fit, until the inevitable day when we decide to burn this place to the ground and piss on its ashes.”

    “The Bullad Club is here.”

    James smirks.

    “And anything goes.”

    James hands the mic to Danny, who’s animalistic glare and intense demeanour make him clash with the arrogant James and stoic Fargo.

    “We have been fucked over for far too long by the people that are, frankly, nowhere near as good as any of us. Not to mention that pussy Michael trying to put me down by relegating me to matches with fucking SPAWN!? It’s bullshit. It’s bullshit that not a single one of us is getting the recognition we deserve. THE BIG GUY~!!! Has had it with playing nice! We are about to spread this shithole’s legs wide open and fuck it raw! The Bullad Club has arrived brother. If you’re smart, you’ll back the fuck off.”

    The three resume their walk and barge into a nearby locker room. Shortly after, several stagehands are flung out of the room as the door slams back shut. The camera fades to black as an unfamiliar logo flashes on screen.

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