Storyline The case of Perfect v. Farooq

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  1. *Downtown Liberty City Court House:

    Farooq and Senhor Perfect both stand trial on charges of speeding, reckless driving, running red lights, and a multitude of other charges.

    Let's peek in and see what happens*

    Bailiff: All rise, the honourable judge D. Sanchez presiding.

    Sanchez: You may all be seated. Senhor, I see you will be representing yourself?

    Senhor: Yes, your honour. My first objection is that farooq's lawyer is a 36" plasma TV dressed in a suit. I know I'm not as knowledgable about the law as yourself, but I don't think that's allowed.

    Sanchez: Farooq, care to explain?
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  2. He's obviously playing the race game. From my research, which can be seen on my lawyer, Canada is the 69th most racist company, and it is solid at hitting the point from behind. so they play dirty too.
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  3. Sanchez: that literally made no sense. Are you intoxicated?
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  4. Sir, I would like a new judge.You are a bitch ass nigga.
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  5. The jury begins chanting "BOOOORING"
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  6. Dat Kid burst through the court doors!

    I'm not paying child support Victoria-

    Kid stops and looks around, realizing he's in the wrong court

    My bad

    Kid backs out slowly and closes the door quietly.
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  7. If you want the facts, I will give you the facts then! Senhor was chasing me while I was just calmly driving out of the arena. And for what? I didn't have anything, aside form a television in my car. I am the victim here, he's the one who should be thrown in jail!
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  8. Objection!!! He told me he had my wife. Don't leave yet @Dat Kid you were at the scene, tell the judge what you saw.
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  9. But I didn't have his wife!
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  10. Well basically Farooq was minding his own business when Senhor basically started yelling the n-word for no reason. He was mad because Jono had just said no to his segregation idea for the IWT. When he saw Farooq he called his klan buddies, Britanica, Seabs, and Punk. They proceeded to chase Farooq who had just bought a tv by working hard and not doing anything bad
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  11. You son of a bitch! These good SOBs are working together. What'd he offer you a 34" inch plasma?
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  12. Sir! I would like to take the stand!

  13. Random Staff Guy: We now call to the stand, Bad News Barrett.

    *Bad News Podium is wheeled in by some fat sheriffs, Barrett starts hitting his stick thing*


    Random Guy: Please tell us what you saw on the day of the incident we are here to discuss.

    Bad News Barrett: I'm afraid I've got some bad news! I saw nothing and I am here for the food!

    *A sheriff hands his a plate of food as he is wheeled backwards out of the court room*

  14. Sanchez: Ok Farooq, take the stand. Begun questioning Senhor.

    Senhor: thank you, your honour.

    Farooq, we clearly see here in this IWT DVD you saying "where do you think your wife is." And whispering something into my kids' ear resulting in them telling me you had their mom. Correct?
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  15. Damn straight, but lied to them, that's what I told them. I told them to tell you, but you took off.
  16. I OBJECT! That's clearly me in that video!
  17. *Britanica is watching the case in the middle of the woods from the 36 inch plasma tv she stole from farooq*
  18. *Bad News Barrett is on his podium in the back*
  19. You're blaming children? What about the first TV you threw at me on the highway?
  20. *Cole sits in the jury stand because he is a member of the jury for some reason*
    Cole: well this is boring....time to practise my JR Impressions with a twist....STONE COLE! STONE COLE! STONE COLE!
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