Storyline The champion returns.... Open challenge

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    Natasha Nelson is standing backstage at the IWT arena, microphone in hand.

    Natasha: Joining me tonight is reigning Intercontinental and Million Dollar champion Rita Kendal.

    The camera zooms out to reveal Rita decked in a two piece black pinstripe suit, a title draped over each shoulder. She smiles cordially at Natasha before turning to the camera.

    Natasha: Welcome, Rita. I can only assume that since you've returned from Japan with both belts that you successfully defended the title.

    Rita: Of course. As I promised before I left, I returned with my intercontinental championship. After successfully defending it three times, that is.

    Natasha: Well congratulations, Rita.

    Rita: Thank you. Now, the reason I wanted to have a moment with both you and the IWT Universe was to discuss the issue of activity here in the company. IWT appears to be in somewhat of a lull again- and what kind of champion would I be if I were to just sit idly by and let this happen?
    I would be a terrible champion. Now I may be a lot of things, but a bad champion isn't one of those things. I want this company to be at it's best and I'm willing to fight for that.

    Natasha: So what do you suggest?

    Rita: It's simple, I want to issue an open challenge for my Intercontinental championship to the whole of locker room. So if there's anybody there who thinks that they can dethrone me, now is the time to try.

    Rita gives Natasha a curt nod before walking in to the locker room, closing the door behind her.

    Natasha: Well, you heard it here first- an open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. We look forward to seeing who will step up to the mark and go toe to toe with Ms Kendal. This is Natasha Nelson for IWT Extra.
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