Storyline The Chavichi Code

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  1. *Eric Draven is seen speaking to a man backstage who looks really similar to Gav The Chav on the Jonotron the crowd begins to boo as he walks towards the stage. He stops on the top of the stage*

    ED: Well look who finally thought to show up, you guys do have a voice. Come on fill your lungs of this wonderful air and let all your aggression out before I tell you all a little story.*

    *The crowd boos louder now*

    ED: Fantastic now can I get my silence?

    *Further boos*

    ED: Well it looks like I'll have to talk a little LOUDER NOW WON'T I?

    *Draven smiles as the boos fill up again*

    ED: Now listen here to some breaking news something truely mind boggling has occured from the senior one trick pony in IWT Mr Now Then You Cheeky **** himself the one the only Gav The Chav.

    *The crowd cheers at the mention of Gav's name*

    ED : You see the beloved IWT champion is nothing but a manipulative liar. A coward who refuses to show his true identify. Less talk and more proof. cover your eyes kids because the truth is there is no easter bunny or Santa Clause too Gav's a fraud just like the parents of you.

    *Draven points at a child in the audience wearing a Gavnation t-shirt and a Jonathan branded inflatable pizza. *

    ED : Now let's see the video. It's PG don't worry guys.

    *A video shows on the screen, the man from earlier is seen dressed in a robe. The man walks towards the camera and begins to speak in a royal accent*

    The man: Oooo now then you cheeky ****s

    *The man smiles Draven is heard laughing behind the camera*

    The man : I can't believe they still can't see through this act. These idiots gave me a WORLD TITLE. All for repeating the same three curse words all the time. Peasants love someone they feel they can relate to.

    *The video ends with the man smiling*

    ED: Well there we have it IWT. Gav The Chav is nothing but a ruse and you idiots bought into it.

    *Draven walks down the ramp and begins laughing in the face of the audience members.*

    ED: Now I'm a fair man so I'll keep this short and sweet. You like music don't you Gav well here it is to a beat.

    Gav just think it through
    We could have kept this lie between me and you
    But instead I smashed the mirrors and blew away the smoke
    Sure you could beat me down but your connection is still broke
    The fans know your fake and it's plain to see
    Give me a match just you and me
    Oh and one more thing before I bounce
    Remind me to give you some string because I'm taking your belt

    *The smarks begin to cheer*

    OOC: Yep I haven't earned a title shot it's a story, don't respond until @gav the chav has responded.
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  2. *Queens song we are the champions plays as gav the chav comes out towards the ring through the crowd and signs Autograpghs and takes photos with several members of the audience before climbing over the barrier an entering the ring gav raises his IWT Championship into the air as the crowd cheers gav takes a mic and begins to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) oi eric you little cheeky **** you hear that Don't you I am the fucking champion the IWT champion it means right now I'm number one in this company right now who the fuck do you think your talking to? You come out here trying to convince these people I'm a fraud you sound like someone I've already met he goes by the name of fungi he came out with some of the same shit you just have and I well and truly bashed his little face in just like I will do to you

    you really think if I was some sort of fraud id be able to keep this up? I am not just a chav I am the chav of this company I am the peoples chav I am the peoples champion if you wanna fight come on down here in fact bring your little mate with you @Aids Johnson along with you I'll send the 2 of you back to the retirement home you both crawled out of the only fraud around here is you eric you fucking little cheeky **** I'll throw you around this ring like a rag doll if your stupid enough to enter this ring then do it but you won't be leaving it the same way you entered it!
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  3. Hey look someone posted something...
  4. Yep it's amazing isn't it?
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  5. ED: it's funny but I actually predicted what you'd say and rather than breaking the status quo you had to just repeat it. I get it you don't think I'm worthy of a shot at your title so you?

    *The crowd begins to chant Yes*

    ED: So just like the coward you are you'll hide behind a title match, too afraid for winner takes all huh Mr Chavpion? Since I get the legend to watch my back I'm assuming you'll want a partner too. Will it be the electrifying nature of B Dazzle?

    *The crowd cheers at Dazzle's name being mentioned *

    ED: I'm pretty sure his spark us gone actually given what you did to get a title shot.

    *The smarks cheer Draven's shot*

    ED: Or maybe it's Kaiser keeping his tackle to himself. No that definitely isn't it. Maybe it's maybe it's no you couldn't have gotten him.

    *Draven exaggerates being scared with his movements including miming biting his nails*

    ED : Maybe it's your daddy Cynthio. What's he gonna do? Drown me in whipped cream from his nipples?

    *The smarks laugh. *

    ED : It really isn't important who you bring just remember to bring no one you like as they'll be responsible for you mouth and are likely to shake hands with Jesus or the man down south. I'll give you guys time to prepare so you can't accuse me of being a manipulative man. How about this "Johnson and Draven in partnership with IWT presents Uprising : The Chavichi Code revealed.
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  6. The 100th theme for Aids hits and the crowd pops, they always do.

    As Aids walks out the crowd pops louder, as he runs closer to his buddy Seabs side, he laughs pointing towards Gav. Aids grabs the mic out from Seab and huge him creepily.

    Gav you fucking chav, you must be out of your mind. The Aids guy who never cried Aids wins the belt like his father figure did one year before, and I get no credit for it?! I'd come slap the taste out of your mouth but you might pull the dildo out and cry AIDS. My new theme finally went through the wire as acceptable and here we are, #100 and still amazing. *Aids plays with his HoF ring* You see Seab and I were watching you win your first IWT belt victory, and making fun of what it means to people like @Dat Kid who have only won one also, and you had to take shots, not giving credit to the mam wjho made you what you are today.

    It's a well known fact youre an Aids Johnson guy, and an ever more well known one that without the great Seab there would be no Aids. Its interesting seeing you talk all thi shit without a dazzling one, because you know the old folks home we hail from is filled with HALL OF FAMERS of the likes youve never been able to sit next to. You want to know what a champ does, well ill be glad to send you back to the first timer home, because Joey Bryant is about to sit your ass the fuck down. Unfortunately for joey, it looks like me and seabsy are getting firsts and he will be spending his 3rd time getting Aids sloppy 7ths.
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  7. *gav grabs the mic from the floor and continues to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) here right aids you know gav respects you right but your Mate over there is the one chatting pure shit coming out here telling every single person in this arena that gavs fake and shit you think I'm just gunna sit there backstage and put up with it you should know better

    * gav turns his attention towards eric draven*

    So you want to know whos gunna be The champs partner? Well for starters everyone you mentioned is completely way off the mark when gav heard this match existed gav knew straight away who his partner was gunna be gav wanted this person to have the best seat in the house when he takes you both out gav wanted this person to watch just what he has to come up against very soon when he goes one on one with the chav gav ain't even mates with this person but gav respects how great of a fighter he is in fact aids you know that much better than anyone because he's kicked your arse a few times this man is the current world Heavyweight champion can you guess who it is yet?

    *small joey bryant chant from the crowd*

    Thats right you bunch of cheeky ****s at uprising aids Johnson and eric draven will go one on one with gav the chav and. ... joey bryant!
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