the chavy awards!

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  1. Fuck the slammys its all about the chavy awards. awards such as the prestigous chav of the year award and the cheeky **** of the year award will be giving out

    up first is the black man of the year award and the nominations are

    @Dat Kid
    @DK Batista ( joey bryant)

    winner will be revealed shortly
  2. *watches closely with a bucket of fried chicken*
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  3. how the fuck did i not get nominated for black man of the year!?
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  4. I dunno
  5. You're a ginger.
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  6. Sorry aids but gav couldn't validate your blackness and only the blackest of black men could be nominated maybe next year

    anyway back to buisness and the winner is...
  7. @Farooq

    come and collect your award
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  8. :yay: *comes onto the stage, wiping my eyes as all the people in the crowd nod like the OGs they are*
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  9. *Dat Kid gets on stage*
    I hate to interrupt and ima let you finish, but Aids Johnson is the greatest black man of all time! Of all time!
    *Kid shrugs and walks off stage*
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  10. ive got less red in my hair than you do hair on the top of your dome piece son.
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  11. *everyone attacks Farooq thinking he interrupted his own ceremony*
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  12. Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, to present the award of Jabroni of the year, he is the jabroni beating B.Dazzle!

    *B.Dazzle walks through the curtains and walks up to the podium. He is dressed up in a nice black suit and tie.*

    B.Dazzle: Considering what the last award was, B.Dazzle is glad he wore this black suit to fit in.

    *Crowd laughs.*

    B.Dazzle: Now on to the reason B.Dazzle is out here. He is out here to present the Jabroni of the year award. This award can only go to the man or women that no body really liked. The person that was the biggest loser in the entire company. Only one person may get this oppritunity to be the Jabroni of the year and those people are.........

    First, the gimmick changing, red hair having, username changing Adam Hawk! @Sad News Slim Shady

    *Fans boo.*

    B.Dazzle: Secondly, we have the whiny, the annoying, the grammatically inncorrect, Frank the jock! @Emperor Lelouch Britannia

    *More booing*

    B.Dazzle: Lastly, we have the the brown man from the spanish clan, the man who got his ass kicked by B.Dazzle about last week, Rodrigo! @Rhod

    *More cheers*

    B.Dazzle: May B.Dazzle have the envelope please.

    *A producer hands B.Dazzle the envelope.*

    B.Dazzle: And the winner is............OH IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO THE WINNER IS!

    *B.Dazzle leaves the stage and the crowd cheers like crazy. B.Dazzle comes back out and goes back to the podium.*

    B.Dazzle: Kidding, kidding. The winner, and the biggest Jabroni of the entire calender year is......find out when we come back.
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  13. *Welcome back to the Chavy awards.*

    B.Dazzle: And the winner is.......Adam Hawk! @Sad News Slim Shady!

    *Fans boo.*

    B.Dazzle: Since no one really knows where Adam is, nor do they care, B.Dazzle has decided to keep this award until Adam is found. And when B.Dazzle finds Adam...he is going to take this trophy, shine it up real nice, turn that sum bitch sideways, and stick it straight up his candy ass! Thank you!

    *B.Dazzle struts to the back as the fans cheer.*

    @gav the chav Your turn.
  14. OOC: lmao but my character is nameless and no relation to my old one, i go by ??????
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  15. There's still a guy named Adam Hawk in the history of IWT who worked in this company this year. He got the damn award. Know your role, jabroni.
  16. Right now onto the next award this award is for the slagiest of slags in IWT they cant resist dropping there knickers at the sight of of a penis they love the cock this award is for slag of the year and the nominations are

    @Britanica ♡
    @Seabs (gavs mum)
    @geekgoddess (victoria parker)

    Winner will be revealed soon
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  17. My time to shine :yay:
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  18. And the winner is. .. gavs mum @Seabs

    come and collect your reward
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  19. Gav's mum wonders down to the stage, she's clutching a bottle of cider to he chest. She takes the award before heading over to the podium.

    Gavs Mum : As you iz all well awares I is well happy of me lil man Gav thats why I'm please to announce....

    *She takes a swig from the bottle*

    GM : I'm preggers .... again. Check my instagram @MommaChav for further details.

    A policeman walks into the arena.

    PM : Oh you you're breaching the terms of your tag. Please step away from from the males... no humping. Slag's mum step away from the men.

    Gav's mum is escorted out.
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  20. Ooc oh no another gav the chav $100 on @Champ Johnson being the dad
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