Storyline The Clock Is Ticking Rio.

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  1. Adam sits in front of a black background, the only other thing in the room is a timer, it ticks.... and ticks... and ticks as the numbers count down to 24 Hours and Zero minutes.


    "It begins Rio. We are now a mere 24 hours away. Can you feel it Rio? Can you feel the emotion? Can you feel the crowd roaring at every hit?"


    "With each passing minute, that feeling grows closer."


    "And when that feeling grows closer, it evolves. It becomes something that transcends emotion and it becomes overwhelming. The fear is growing inside of you Rio, what once was excitement and confidence is now fear."


    "Because when you challenged me you had all the confidence in the world in your ability but the closer it gets, the more you doubt yourself. The closer our match gets you begin to worry, worry leads to fear and fear leads to failure"


    "The clocks ticking Rio and I'm going to have to rush you. Tomorrow is the first step in a long road towards redeeming myself, tomorrow there will be no running, tomorrow we give what these people want and thats 1 on 1. Tomorrow you wont be able to run, tomorrow there will be no Bullad Club interference and tomorrow is when that blood stained note is returned to sender."

    Adam gets up and leaves, the camera zooms in on the clock as the ticking continues.

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