Storyline The coal has been officially been squeezed into a diamond.

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  1. *Rodrigo come out from the crowd, he has his hood blah blah gets into the ring*

    *A recap of Rodrigo revealing that Jacob will be his new partner is shown*

    Announcer 1: And his partner was... Jacob!

    *Another recap of Jacob's promo*

    I came out here (again) to announce two things. But first of all, I want to say that I'm glad with the fact that a lot of wrestlers back there also feel like me. The Cure needs to be stopped. Not matter what. And back there, there's people that want to collaborate, but I will come back to that later on.

    I want the Cure at NOC, Jacob wants the Cure at NOC. However, we understand that this company has a prestige, a code of honor. If you want something, you gotta earn it. Plain and simple. Then, here I say it. I want to face the Cure, Jwab and Eddie for the tag team championships. If there any other teams that want to do so, please, ask Dat Chocolate From Jersey and we will set up a number one contenders match. If there are more no problem, we will find a way to decide who will be the team to face them. But from here I tell you, we wont go easy on you. I want to face them again, and I wont stop until I achieve that.

    If there's any other teams, Dat Kid will have to give us the shot, all the titles on the line. No matter how much you hate, all is in the line. Which brings me to the next point.

    After the promo I cut today, various superstars told me that they supported me in this crusade against the Cure. But one specially caught my eye. His determination as a superstar is big enough to surpass big challenges, he has been the Daniel Bryan of the Cure. He was betrayed why his partners, he decided to join us the IWT rather than start "Curing" stuff. The one who was "the coal" has turned into a diamond. A diamond that will stop the Cure. This is the wrestler that has joined this crusade against the Cure

    *Points at the Tron*

  2. As Rhodes points to the titantron, Aids comes out to Zack Ryders alt theme, laughing with his briefcase in one hand, a mic in the other. The crowd greets Aids with the boos he is becoming accustomed to, and he greets it with a nice parade-esque wave. Aids stops halfway down the ramp, and holds the briefcase up in his hand at Rhodes, who clearly has nothing to hold up in return. Aids takes the mic.

    I see we have another cancer in the ring complaining about what he wants. You want the cure? You have nothing to put on the line? We couldnt even make it a group vs group
    "I quit" match, as you and i both know neither of us are leaving. What makes you think you have anything outside of a rematch clause? The coal turned into a diamond? In your finest hour, you are a piece of shit that people walk around on the sidewalk. You are a failure, and a man who has nothing to show for all his accomplishments.

    Me? The man you call so desperate, the greatest member of the IWT, the most enthralling member to ever hold onto gold, needed to join the cure to join the club? No, i joined the cure because we are a team of winners. We finished Summerslam 4-0. Let me re-tell you. 4-0. Gold in our hands, a briefcase in my hand, and Alkaline's dust in Georges fingers. We are the IWT, as far as numbers go. Soon ill be holding gold, and you all can "compete" (makes quotations with his hands) for the belts we leave for you unworthy fools. You want to talk about me? Go ahead, i love the press.

    You know what? Ill take this opportunity to call out the person holding onto what belongs to me *Aids holds up the briefcase.* Your time is up, our time, is now.

    Aids drops the mic, holds up the briefcase again, and waits downramp for Rhodes ot say something that he finds relevant.

  3. *Jacob's theme doesn't sound, but comes out and attacks Aids with Adam's briefcase. Then he asks for a microphone*

    You can come out and say that your club is the best of all times, but you know what? The IWT is more important than a bunch of rookies with two leaders. Now let me introduce you to our newest member. His name will be remembered because of his career in this company. The Cure isn't the future of this company, but the owner of this briefcase really is the future of this great company. Let me introduce to you to the newest member of the Crusade, Adam Hawk.

    *Jacob hands to Adam his briefcase*

  4. *The arena plunges into darkness*​
    *Some Chris Jericho type of pyro goes off and the theme hits*​
    *The crowd explodes as Adam walks out onto the stage, He stares down at the ring, He walks down, He climbs up on the apron and jumps over the top rope like Aries*​
    *He shakes hands with Rodrigo and is handed the mic*​
    Ladies and gentlemen, Your newest member of The Crusade, ADAM HAWK!​
    *The crowd pops*​
    You see, After months and months of being cost matches by The Cure, I have been recruited to assist these lovely men in the destruction of The Disease that is infecting the minds of all of you and this company. These men are delusional, This has been planned for a very long time, There was always going to be a destruction of The Disease but no is the best time when they are at their strongest. At Night Of Champions us 3 will leave as champions because in case David forgot, I am the No.1 Contender for that X-Division Title and you will always hold that special achievement of having the shortest X-Division Title reign in history! Because when we collide we brew a storm and one man leaves victorious and that man is me. And these men, Jacob and Rodrigo will dominate Jfag and AliAsshole.​
    I have respect for David, He is just a mindless fool being stringed along by a couple of idiots who still believe they mean anything, The tag team division has been dead and gone for months and you being champions is a statement to that. David earned his title and I will stand by that statement, I respect that man and I congratulate him on that, I have some wise words for you, Treasure the moment you have, Hold that title tight and enjoy your taste of glory because at Night of Champions, It will be my night as a champion!​
  5. OCC: Sell the attack bitch
  6. OOC: I didnt get attacked.
  7. OOC: Who should sell the attack? I think you're talking about me, but I'm not sure tbh.
  8. OCC: I meant AIDS, I dont want a superman recover to ruin the promo im writing now, please, any interruptions after my promo.
  9. I didnt see you post shit about attacking me?
  10. I posted it in a short promo. You aren't out, I just attacked you with Adam's briefcase
  11. Rodrigo Brings AIDS back to the ring who was knocked out by the briefcase, grabs his face and gets close to his face

    Hey AIDS, how does it feel to be outnumbered? Like a utterly piece of crap right, and do you know why man...because anything you do, it will be useless...The numbers, all has to do with the numbers. Numbers and maths man, the time, life, goods...everything has to do with numbers, everything that is measurable has to do with numbers, and sadly this company, now, has to do with numbers. And no, this time I'm not talking about the mechanics the Cure uses to win,I'm talking about the number of jerks that this company has hired over the past few months.

    I cant believe there was a time where I saw you as a man who could lead this company, I cant believe that I trusted you. Look at you AIDS, you're lame, all you have is a contract, that will guarantee you a shot at the title, anytime, anyplace, but shit happens man, sometimes, you're about to achieve something but PAM. Everything goes away. That could easily happen to you, you're about to win the title but I appear and kick your ass. It can be me, it can be anyone else. But I want to say, is that what you have is a contract, a shot, and before you, many other guys have had a shot at the title. Look at me, I had it. And know, I'm in the midcard. As you say, with nothing to put in the line, but man, the difference between you and me right now, is that you have something. I have nothing, nothing to lose. Man, that gives me an advantage, believe it or not. You know im saying the truth. Human Beings are inoffensive until the have nothing to lose.

    AIDS, AIDS, AIDS...Never faced you before, maybe because I was scared? Who knows, I just wanna make you see that yes, I have a couple of things to say that, you better listen and Nope, Im not afraid of you anymore, you know why? Because you have showed me, you have showed the whole roster that you are just another rat. Who can be scared of you? Who needs to require to the numerical factor to win some matches? That only shows that you are the one who is afraid of us. Man, we have no longer respect for you. At all. What you see here *Points at Adam and Jacob* is the result of the Cure. We are cured Aids, we are more than cured. But maybe, the doctors are the one that have been infected with the virus and man...we need to solve that problem.

    Thats why I've done this reunion. Reunion of wrestlers that still believe that the company should return to his old days. Should bring back that code of honor that used to distinguish us from other companies. We need to end with this Mafia that have been created. We need a crusade. Oh Rodrigo, Rodrigo...always wanting to achieve things...That's why I came back to the IWT, to make history. Why did you come back AIDS?
    Was for the money? Was because of the spotlight? It was probably that. All your career, you have needed someone to share the spotlight with you. At first it was Jonathan. You needed a mouthpiece. You needed someone that would push you to the main scene. Because you arent good enough to get it by your own. The spotlight is like a drug, isnt it? So bad I didnt taste it longer enough to get addicted... But you, you couldnt be at home, watching another superstar holding your championship. Why did you leave then? Shhh dont say a thing, I will answer that for ya. You couldnt stand the fact that you knew that someone would come and win the title. You were afraid, but at the same time, you wanted the spotlight. What did you do? Leave the company, try to embarrass the company by covering his most prestigious title with mud. Wishing that people would talk about you for ages, but that didnt happen, and when you came back, you just needed that spotlight.

    And man, you won the contract. You MIGHT be the new champ, however, you were overshadowed by "The new big thing". The Cure. They were overshadowing your contract. And you knew that joining them would mean winning every single match and being back to the main event. Just like you did with Jonathan. You have betrayed this company. You and your friends are going to pay for it. The crusade will bring down every single bit of the cure. I dont care if big names like Danny or Farooq have leave. There are many people back there seeking for revenge. And any single wrestler back there can take part of this crusade. But man, The Cure is the Cure right? We are the cancer and we need to be cured. Same old shit AIDS, I know that as soon as there something new, you will betray them and go to the next stable. You are a spot monkey. But for the instant, youre a Cure member and the crusade judges everyone equally.

    Now AIDS, tell me, did you find something all this relevant? You have considered me shit from the first time I showed up in the IWT. And man, I like that. You know why? Because I like to impress people, and I like to overcome the odds. And that's what is going to happen at NOC. We are going to defeat the Cure.

    *Rodrigo makes a sign to Jacob and Adam, both men hold AIDS why his shoulders*

    AIDS Johnson, You have failed this company.

    *Rodrigo superkicks AIDS, Adam and Jacob throw him against the mat*

    *Huge Pop*

    *Rodrigo shakes Adam's hand and the three of them leave throw the crowd*

    *AIDS is shown laying on the ma*
    *You've failed this company chants are all over the arena*
    *Screen fades to black*

    Which means end of the segment,good bye, sayonara, hasta la vista baby
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  12. The coal has been officially squeezed into a diamond. The Crusade is here.
  13. OCC:Btw, Aids, I expect a comeback promo somewhere down the line. I just felt like ending it like with my promo, cause I have various things in mind and I didnt want this to be that long. Didnt expect your promo at all
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  14. OCC: HHH using my line at Raw. Whatevs

    Great posts, i dont mind selling some story, next time let me know via pm before you post it.
  16. Sure, always wanted to have a match against you.
  17. you'll have to wait until AFTER i win the tourney, and turn in my briefcase.
  18. Oh is more like proving myself. Is just for me. You have always been in "other league" But yeah, gotta destroy the Cure first. One at the time
  19. You cant go for the cure without facing me. OOC: The only reason i ever made it here was because of Seabs dude added me for the 1st title match and ive been lucky to be where i am since. I will face you anytime.