Storyline The Collapsing Tower

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  1. A theme plays for a while until Artist appears on the tron.

    Artist: You know...everything starts and ends...rises and falls, but certainly nothing restarts in the real world. Empires rise, they fall...Lives start and they end. Legacy's grow and die...False prophets are born and are forgotten...false gods rise and then...they...fall. Artist looks side to side before continuing they rise fast and with a soft blanket covering them...yet when they fall it's painful and dangerous. It's dangerous because for the time there up there...they get cushioned by their brainwashed followers into thinking that they ARE God. But the ugly truth is the one's who believe in this are the ones who never see that they have what it takes to overcome what they're false prophecy was going to to do. That is the perfect description of Dat Kid and his Church. He claims to be a god, a god of pusillanimity! His believers are in a false lie he put into place. Artist cringes and let's out a laugh Ah, who am i kidding! Joey Bryant and the rest of the Church joined Kid because they wanted to get closer to a IWT icon of sorts.

    Artist looks at the ground and starts to walk side to side before stopping and looking dead straight into the camera

    Artist: Dat Kid has projected nothing but lies...He continues to lie about everything from his decline of Alias' challenge, to his false demeanor. Dat Kid is the aging tower...Alias will be the one to bring it down...and i will be the one to set it ablaze Artist get's a smirk on his face. God massacred, Jesus wept or whatever your catchphrase is now...won't matter because the only thing that will weep by Summer your career. The career that will fall to the presence of anyone in it's way. Jesus wept? Nah, He says in air quotesGod wept.
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