*The crowd chant WHAT causing Y.L to smirk*

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  1. We open to rising superstar Y.L The Iron Davis sitting at the telly enjoying some coco pops

    "It occur"

    Y.L's roomate PS4 League GM @TheFrostyBlur enters the room

    "Y.L The Iron Davis we have got a promble. The landlord has just been! He said we haven't payed the remt and he is going to bloddy kicken us out!"


    Y.L sends his cereal to the F A L S E L A N D

    "It is time to stop crunching and start thinking"


    After being swallowed up by the apartment floor Y.L The Iron Davis appears in the centre of the 2KCW ring. His theme already playing.


    It does.

    "WHERE'S THE MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    "I will be competing in this ring at certain intervals so I can save up enough cash and money to pay the remt."

    The crowd cheers as the remt is an issue we all struggle with.

    "Did anyone catch the game last night?"

    They cheer because they did.

    "Stop that"

    They do

    "Good and nice fan of everyone there in the back but I get paid the ching ching at any point so it's all relative to me and also I willbe


    I will be chmapon"


    "Oh ok."

    Y.L The Iron Davis is once again swallowed up by the ground to a chorus of cheers. He gives a shy little wave as his body is then sucked into the portal underneath. We get a brief glimpse of the next worl he has entered


    "What realm have I entered today?"

    "17 votes not even halfway through? I think @Ovaldinho and I drew main even crowd. Your match was no Dat THG match or even close lol. Get the fuck outta here. GG Oval."

    "Oh, my mistake"
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