Storyline The Crusade of Consciousness Begins

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    The lights on the stage go out, then…

    Honest Eyes by Black Tide comes blasting through the P.A. System, The crowd seems confused from the theme and doesn`t know what to do, after a bit, Tyler Freeborn comes out to the ring, while some cheers and mostly boos come from the crowd, he`s wearing a black hoodie and jeans, he seems angry, he goes under the ring, grabs a ladder and places it in the center of the ring, after it, he grabs a mic from one of the ringside workers, and then, he climbs the ladder and begins to speak

    Tyler Freeborn: This is what you people symbolize that someone is always, constantly above you, watching your every move…, well, the truth is, that I, Tyler Freeborn, I`m above each and every single one of you, not by just sitting on top of this ladder, but by every single human aspect alone…, you see, there`s only one big difference between all of you bigots and myself, and that is that I control my destiny, I control my ascension, and I control my outcome.

    The crowd boos him as hard as they can, but he doesn`t seem to give a fuck

    Tyler Freeborn: All of you believe that your God has a plan for you, not that you create it yourself, you believe that you will be send to heaven if you follow your religion`s rules. I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of the things that could happen, might happen or might not happen. Years, I`ve spent like that, finding myself awake, at 3 in the morning, but you know what, ever since I joined IWT and began my carrer, I sleep just fine, what I came to realize, is that fear, it`s the worst thing, it`s the real enemy. The fear of being judged by you people, for not following your religious beliefs, that`s the enemy

    He does a little pause, while the crowd boos him; he answers them with a smirk, then, he descends the ladder, and leans in the ropes, like to talk directly to the people

    Tyler Freeborn: Reality, that`s the word I want everyone to associate myself with, because that`s exactly what I`m going to bring to the audience and superstars on IWT, for too long, we have lived in a society governed by fiction, imagination, fairy tales if you will. Billions of people`s lives every day of being controlled by this unproved books, stories and customs, I`m sick of being a prisoner of a world over ruled by this very things. I`m sick of the figure of God, this is a blasphemy, I don`t know how people believe that there`s some God that over rules us all, and the worst part about this, is that is being exposed to our children, when their minds are so fragile, they can be easily manipulated. This is the point of view that I, Tyler Freeborn, so deeply, desire to change, so tonight, begins what I`m calling the Crusade of Consciousness, and it begins with a challenge for everyone that may disagree with me and my methods. I would like all of you to prey to your God, Allah, or whoever it might be, that I`m defeated by any opponent I have, I mean, Really prey, I`m talking on your knees in your bedside, eyes closed, and your hands placed together, that I will be shoot down from the sky and strike me down, but allow me to leave you with this one thought, if your prayers are answered, and I`m defeated, there must certainly be some sort of God, *He smiles* but if not, then perhaps everything you`ve ever known, your whole life, is a lie, and it`s just simply..., evolution

    He drops the mic and walks to the back, while the crowd boos for him
    OOC: This character is on developmental, if people get offended by it, I`m most likely to drop it
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  2. I'm offended
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  4. I'm extremely botched spelling Allah
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  5. I thought religion can't be used as an angle in IWT.
  6. Damn Infidels!
  7. I am very offended that I was not name dropped. Every promo should have a Kaizer name drop.
  8. Artist: Welcome to jobber land it includes me, CHRIS KAIZER, and just about anyone not named Aids Johnson....
  9. Jobber land? Don't ya mean Jwabber land? Oh, yeah, btw, Jwabber Land is just the X-deadvision.
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  10. Oh yeah, thanks for telling me.

    Welcome to Jwabber land, it includes Jwab...and that's it. It's also home to the X-Deadvision, so that means it only includes Jwab Atom, the only person in the Deadvision because no one gives a crap about a title no one could win.
  11. We have a dude who's gimmick is god/demigod. Religion is allowed.
  12. ly Stopspot :ksi:
  13. Sorry, he's mine.
  14. I knew I botched something!, going to edit it right now
  15. You guys gonna make a porno :ksi:
  16. I would pay for it
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