The Cure: A New Hope

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  1. *Jwab walks in*
    *Grabs the mic and smiles*
    Alot of you don't know who I am. I am the leader of The Cure. I know that the only other associate that I have healed is Suicide. He is part of The Cure and now I am allowing more of you to join us. If you would like to be healed. Speak up and take the antidote. I will show you the way as we stop the pieces of shit known as Adam and more. He wouldn't stand against The Cure and it would be bad luck for anyone else that stands against the Cure. We are looking for new associates. Feel free to join. Together we can cure WWEF. Together.....we can cure the world.​
    *gives a great big evil grin*
    OOC - I made a quick little generic promo so some lucky individuals will join the cure.​

  2. OOC: What part do I play in this?
  3. OOC - You can be the Doc in Aces and Eights to this.
  4. OOC - We already discussed this. You are Festus.

  5. OOC- No we didn't,and, I am not Festus.
  6. OOC - You are like a knight at the round table :D Does that help your judgement?

  7. OOC- So,more or less a guy with no say?
  8. OOC - You can say what you want.....Cut a promo. I want to see what you got Shadow.

  9. OOC: What kind of promo? And can I even cut a promo? I didn't even know I was signed up for IWT.
  10. OOC - You didn't. You said you wanted to be apart of The Cure on PWP. Just cut a promo (Think like the 2nd in command). Try it. Show what you got to the world.

  11. OOC- Second in command? Alright,I'll show ya.
  12. OOC - Show me what you got. #TheCureWillRule
  13. Meh this doesnt affect me.
  14. Not everything is about you Cpt. Thunder****

  15. What?
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  16. Ignoring you now, No match.
  17. Why? Are you afraid of him?
  18. You should have ignored me earlier. This didn't even concern you in the first place lol
  19. Alright, time for you to shut the fuck up.

    Your mp shit is annoying, his crying about every time you fuck with him is worse, but you idiots thinking teaming up is funny is what gets on my nerves.

    Keep trolling him, i need more reasons to post here.