the cure have a message for the dazzling chavs or do they?

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  1. Commentator:Ben dover music plays as he makes his way to the ring he seem differant though i cant quite put my finger to it

    (ben dover the chav) orite peeps im ben dover the chav and i'm one half of the tag team champions i'm not like that imbred gav the chav i'm much smarter than him you see he's an uneducated scruffy little **** whos all talk but when it comes to it he's just a little pussy with no balls hahaha i can't stand the little freak

    *raises tag team belt*

    See this this is mine nobody will take this off me and my mate a.dazzle over where unstoppable nobody can touch us coz we're the cure where the best tag team around here if any of you backstage get in my way well i'm gunna stick my dick inside you and unleash my penetrator espescially you gav i've got something special for you ain't that right a.dazzle

  2. *A.Dazzle comes down to the ring and gets a mic.*

    A.Dazzle: That's right Ben. Those two idiots can't beat the Cure on their very best day, especially not that idiot B.Dazzle. That inbred goof is nothing but a piece of trash. I'm A.Dazzle and I'm the the tag team champion! That's right! I'm the tag champ! The day I loose this belt will be the worst day of my life. It's going to be the most depressing and shocking moment in my life. Don't worry folks, we'll never lose these titles and we're going to be a team forever. Me and Ben forever. I mean, it's not like we're going to lose these belts to those idiots the Dazzling Chavs, consider going solo, and Ben's gonna change his name to something stupid like Sir Lee. That would be just stupid. We are not stupid. We are the best in IWT. I mean I beat Aids Johnson. I can't beat! I'm gonna hold my title forever!

    *A.Dazzle runs around with his title.*

    A.Dazzle: I'm never going to lose this! It's mine, mine, MINE!
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    (ben dover the chav) yes why the fuck would i wanna name that sounds like a name a trannie would have and don't worry mate what ever happens i will always stand by you i'm certainly not gunna go and ditch you and join with @Queen Chrysalis unless its for my next up and coming porn movie where she continuously sucks me off then i ejaculate all over her face coz thats how ben does it oh and alias that win over @Aids Johnson was so great you should go and tell every single person backstage its not like you havn't already