The Cure: Open Challenge & Going for the Gold

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  1. *Jwab Atom and Alias Antonio walk out*
    *Jwab and Alias both grab a mic*
    Jwab: One second...*Trevor and Larsosc come out with TNH on a chain* Took you guys long enough *gives a little laugh* Me and the NEW Co-Leader of The Cure! Alias Antonio! He is one of the most fiercest superstars I have ever seen. And with him with me, We will claim the Tag Titles. Fuck it, We will claim every piece of Gold in IWT! Now, we got a message for Adam and Nanorah. Pick a time. Pick a place. We are coming no matter what! We are also hosting an open challenge! Which 2 people would love to face yours truly and the Next big thing ALIAS!​
    OOC - Generic promo. I know. We are announcing the official 2 Tag Team members are Me & @Eddy​

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  2. For the last god damn time NO! We already have a match for the PPV and a long line of contenders after that and you are at the bottom of the list.
  3. We never said we are going after you right away. We are working our way up the ladder towards you....seriously Adam, get your shit together.
  4. Eh, why not?
  5. Then we challenge you both to a match.
  6. OOC - YAY, I FINALLY GET A MATCH! WOO! Let me go get THG and see if he is ready. Finally, also I'm new to this so how does a tag team match work?
  7. I'm unsure since I've never been in one, but I assume that we all cut two promos :hmm:
  8. We accept.
  9. We will let you guys go first so we can get a little taste of what we are supposed to do. It's an honor for you to have our first match m8
  10. I'm bready.
  11. :hmm: The thing that confuses me though, is it going to be me air then you both, or me you air eddy?
  12. I have no idea lol
  13. shet, how do you guys want to do this?
  14. We can do a Tag Team Match, doing you, me, Airbourne, THG, and so on so forth
    maybe No Holdes Barred? JK but yeah...That is my opinion
  15. I wouldn't mind it. Just two promo match?
  16. Sure m8
  17. I'm fine with that.
  18. How about unlimited promos?
  19. For how long? I have to go to work in a hour in a half