The Cure to The Cure

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  1. *Rhodes walks with his hood on, he appears from the crowd and slowly gets into the ring*

    *Grabs a mic and takes his hood off*

    SummerSlam 2013 will be remembered as The CureSlam 2013. They basically stole Suicide's and Victoria's spotlight. We got to know that AIDS was desperate for that spotlight, reason why he joined them. Easy way out right AIDS?
    But I didnt come here to talk about what happened in other matches. I wanna talk about my match.
    We, I, suffered an embarrassing loss. After been bitching about not having a match, after begging Jonathan and Dat Kid for one match. I wasted my shot. That's why I would understand why I wouldnt get another shot.

    But this has nothing to do with the titles. Nothing. This has become personal. I love this company, and I just cant let the Cure get the control of the company. SummerSlam has shown that the Cure is based on numbers. But something has changed. The wrestlers have realized that the Cure is just numbers. They outnumber their opponents and that's it. Sometimes "the cure may be worse than the disease"

    But I wont bitch, after all, Im not the one who has to deal with this. Jonathan and Kid are GM for a reason. I just wanna say that this has become something personal. That I wont give up until the Cure is gone. Until the Cure has been humiliated. But I cant compete with George or AIDS. Is simple. There are main eventers and midacarders.

    Every stable with a lot of members is always like a pyramid. There's the leader who is at the top and theres are the "less important" members. And sometimes, by defeating those members, the stable gets much more weaker than if you just defeat the leader. Because at the end of the day, they are the spine of the stable. They give the strength necessary to be successful at what they do. And that's my mission. My duty.

    But to do this, I need a partner. Me facing Eddie and Jwab at the same time? 1 vs 2? Im not that stupid. I need a partner. But I cant have someone like Sackfist as partner. Not because he isnt good enough, in fact, he carried me. Just because he doesnt believe in me. He thought I was not showing up. I have a lot of respect for Sackfist, hes a true legend. But I need someone that I know he trusts me. And thats what Ive done. I want to have another match against the Cure. This is personal. NOC is one month away. Every single title is on the line. Again, I dont even think I deserve another shot, but considering there arent other teams in the division, I have to be the one who puts an end to this. Is simple, you cant hold any gold in this company.

    My new partner knows me since the first time we were both hired into this company. We had a conflict, but tbh, it was all my fault, AIDS, Victoria, Jonathan...bad influences you know... I've apologized and we are cool again. My new partner is...

    *Points to the Tron*

    OCC: Dont fuck up this people, please

    Or I will kill your family
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  2. *Jacob comes out with his facepaint and his clothing shaking his body to the music's rythm while the crowd cheers*
    You know what happened at SummerSlam. I should disagree with you, Rodrigo. The Cure wasn't the spotlight of the night because The Cure is all about rookie shit because they're all rookies but Aids and George. That's the truth. That's what The Cure is all about. I came out just to tell you that I won't lose again to The Cure members because I got rid of my personal puppet, also known in the IWT as the fail, the botch, the self-proclaimed best of this company who isn't the best because I defeated him at SummerSlam in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and he newest name... Who is Adam Hawk? I didn't come out to talk about my former puppet and forever fail Adam, I came out to explain why am I tagging again with Rodrigo. I'm doing this because as I said in my plan, the next step after getting rid of that guy I won't mention again because he has been in my mouth a lot of time during this promo, is getting rid of The Cure. Making them disband. Make them just what they did to me once in out match. I don't give a fuck for a bunch of guys who come out and call everyone the cancer when the only cancer in this company are themselves. They have nothing to do with a terminal cancer like Rodrigo and myself. We didn't even have a match before, but now it'll be the match of our lives. It'll be the match where we beat the Cure. It'll be the match where the second part of my plan begins. It'll be the match where Rodrigo gets his revenge and where I will be next to him while we do it. A cure is useful sometimes, but right now this company is endangered. It's just like an Iberian linx, and we have to stop them because their next step will probably be recruit the General Managers. We don't need a company of bastards, we need a company where everyone has a chance!
    And Rodrigo, just to get this straight. This won't be like the last time because this time, you won't use me, we'll be equals. We'll be equals because of our aim right now is the same. Exterminate the Cure!
    *Crowd cheers*​
    And now, I'm just going to have fun laughing at their usual shit.
  3. *Adam is sitting backstage watching on TV, He rolls his eyes at this and walks off*​
  4. OOC: Very stoked for this reunion
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  5. :notsure::willis:

  6. ... Georgie Boy paces out alone with a look of both humour and disapproval, giant gold candles are lit on the ramp behind him. It truly shows the evolution of The Cure to a point of maturity ...

    "Cut it off, cut it all off. Jesus Christ, what am I watching? I'm gonna save my brothers from the shambles that this is and finish you guys right now before you ever start."

    He looks at the fans as if to say "What the fuck is this shit". He's overly exaggerating and being arrogant about it, it seems as though the stature put on Young George has changed his mindset almost instantly from cult worshipper to overly self righteous and obnoxious.

    "I'm sorry to ruin your meaningless little get-together, but c'mon ... This is what's fighting us for control? Seriously?"

    ... George laughs at his own joke before talking quickly with continued laughter with eases out and turns to intensity ...

    "I'm watching in the back, with a bottled water and I see this pathetic attempt to stop what can't be stopped. Let's cut the gimmick, boys - we've taken your spots one by one by one by one, you should be dead by now. We said that we would cure this place, substitute the cancer that inhabits it and we have ... With the future of IWT. We got rid of the rotting bones and now the focus is all on us. You don't get to say that we use numbers or this or that or the other because The Cure destroys together even when we are alone. The power behind us can't be stopped, we fight for different reasons, but all for the same cause."

    Liam looks down at the men standing in the ring, as his voice turns soft.

    "We've came, we've saw and we're very close to completely conquering. Save yourself, don't get in the way."

    He looks up and spits on the floor gesturing it at them.

    "You Are The Cancer. We Are The Cure. Say Good Night to your time in this company."

    ... Georgie Boy walks behind the curtain without his music hitting. His statement hit hard enough ...

    OOC - Not really trying to kill this potential feud, I'm trying out a new name and gimmick to evolve the character which has gotten dull to write for. I've phased out the crazy to become an arrogant, respectless, prideful and concentrated young man.
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