The Cure vs Mr. Sackfist & Rodrigo

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  1. Rodrigo and MrSackfist

  2. The Cure

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    The following contest, is a 3 on 2 handicap match!

    The Cure (JwabTV Eddy335 & Mystical George) vs MrSackfist & Rhodes

    The rules for a handicap match are:

    -No disqualifications, 'low blows' are encouraged
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, music, livestream and any other form of media is not allowed (apart from entrance themes)
    -Promos will last for 24 hours and there is a limit of 1 PROMO per PERSON.
    -The order for promos are: Eddy, Rodrigo, Jwab, George, Sackfist
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours.

  2. occ: I will only be able to cut one big promo since I have a party tonight
  3. OOC: I thought Jwab had it as 1 promo each in a specific order
  4. I think that's it right there in the rules lol
  5. * In the midst of a rowdy crowd, The Cure's theme song hits, which is met with loud boos and the odd cheer. We see Jwab come out, followed up by Alias, who appears confident ahead of tonight's bout. Ultimately, we can observe Mystical George come out with a demented smile on his face. Their voyage to the ring is slow, attempting to look as menacing as they can. They reach the ring and contemplate the vociferous crowd with a smirk. Alias asks for a mic, signifying that he's starting the promo battle. He grabs the mic with violent force *​
    Alias: Well well well. The day that every woman, child, and grown man has feared over the past few weeks, has finally arrived. You get to see The Cure function as a team for the first time. You nitwits are also in the process of witnessing the debut of one of the most ambiguous personas you will ever see in your ever so short life; the man known as Mystical George. ​
    * Alias points at George with a satanic smile *​
    Moving on to our two opponents that are going to so miserably flounder against us and subsequently, let down the whole IWT locker room. Hahahahaha. I'm going to point out a few stuff that puts us in the proverbial position of being the victors in this bout:​
    1. The obvious fact that you're the team that are outnumbered, but may I add that if anyone of us three was gonna face you two in a 1 vs. 2 handicap match; either of us 3 would still be announced as the righteous, honorable and triumphant winners. I don't feel the need to repeat myself over and over again about how we are a great set of intelligent minds, formidable wrestlers, etc. just for you bunch of fools to completely overlook that fact. It's disgusting to be honest, but I expect no more from the IWT ''universe''.​
    The second point is that you may think the pressure is on us, but in fact the pressure is on our opponents. I'm sure they can't disregard the threatening presence we've imposed in IWT since our arrival. It wouldn't surprise me if the IWT crowd didn't notice, but The Cure's main purpose here is completely indoctrinate, brainwash and persuade the wrestlers into our system, but I soon realized, much as my allies did, that this company does not possess the talent that we search for. But The Cure does not forget about the whole brainwash thing as we use that to our advantage to weaken our already weak opponents. It's almost impossible to not bet for The Cure. ​
    I'd like to explicate one last point. ​
    * Alias pauses for a few seconds *​
    You are the cancer.......we are the cure.​
    * Alias passes the mic to Jwab with an evil grin on his face finishing his part in the promo battle *​
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  7. OOC- Damn, it must feel so good being on the road.
  8. Could Sackfist not step up and then have Rhodes go last?
  9. OOC: I can do so. I'll give Rodrigo a few hours, if he doesn't go, I'll post
  10. Sweet, good luck.
  11. OOC: I know I shouldn't post here, but cbould you quote the promos in the end or in the description post? Myself and maybe other users dont want to search the promos in this OOC chaos

  12. Mr Sackfist steps out of the curtain and walks down to the ring, steps up the steel steps and enters the ring.

    Well the infamous cure, or as it appears to be the three stooges turned paramedics. Come here to do what exactly. You come out ranting "you are the cancer, we are the cure". But what are you going to do here. I have the solution, you'll lose here, and end up having a new slogan to say to people, and that would be "Do you want fries with that?"

    I can't tell you how many guys come to the ring saying I will be the next big thing in IWT. They then tango with Mr Mid-Card himself and get put in place. And now I get to do that not once, not twice but three times, Yes Mystical George, I guess that is a big number for you. I get to beat 3 rookies. I mean, the match itself was to be a 2 on 1 handicap match until Rodrigo stuck his Spanish nose in, as he had been booted out of MITB, so desperate for a match, so I appreciate you throwing the guy a bone.

    As a group, you haven't made an impact, you have made Crayo and Jonathan weak at the knees and left them like little girls at a Bieber concert, but as a unit, getting wins it is not the case, you've won a match against who. Oh I don't know, thus it isn't important and someone has already handed your ass on a silver platter to you, again I don't know who, thus it doesn't matter. You come into IWT expecting to be the big thing here, but all you guys really turned out to be thus far in your careers is a joke. Heck the Spirit Squad had a better run than you did, maybe you better turn to cheer leading, maybe then some people will listen to your chants.

    As far as I am concerned, your chance to wow me has failed. Heck Gohan's little Smackdown invasion was more entertaining than this little spat your trying to convince people is a match. Unlike you I don't need members to help me win, I don't need people to give me support in winning matches. My first night here I beat my fellow tag team partner tonight and some other guy to become #1 contender for a title, my 2nd match I won a title. That fact alone I have already superior to whatever little cult your trying to set. So if I am the cancer, I sure as hell don't want the antidote, because I will keep on winning. And after we finish up this little get together I will go onto become X-Division Champion, Rodrigo will probably eat some paella and you three well that is really a coin flip, heads you continue this little charade, tails you end up finishing with IWT. Now by the looks of you, I don't believe you have a quarter to your name, so that question will be one of life's mysteries that no one gives a damn about.
  13. *Jwab grabs the mic*
    *He takes a moment to grin at the crowd while they boo and he can hear a little of them cheer*
    *He goes to talk but gets cut off by the boos*

    Attention Everyone!

    Sackfist, the fan favorite of IWT! Everyone has been telling me day in and day out that we won't stand a chance against you. I don't see how they came up with this assumption. We are the fasting rising stars to ever give their presence to IWT. It may be 3 vs. 2 but we are still the underdogs, People are going to vote for you just because we are 3 guys who came in and took our spot! We took out one man. Adam. You are the next man that we are gonna treat with the vaccine. Your mexican friend or whatever the fuck he is, abandoned you. He left you out here alone. He was frightened by the force that would soon consume every part of his soul. How about you take a step into our world. We see the world from a different view. We see a virus that needs to be cured. Such as you, Roddy, and the ginger. You can hate on me but you can not deny natural skill. I have seen no one confront you on your bullshit. But we will you confront you. We will crush all the momentum you have with our eyes sealed.

    *takes a couple of steps towards Sackfist*

    You say that we didn't make it. In my eyes, I made it. I came along way to get where I am today. We all have. And you say that The Cure isn't affective. It is the biggest event that ever cast itself onto IWT. Everyday, people ask to be cured. And everyday someone gets cured. Today is your day. Today is the day that we make our biggest impact on IWT! When we take out the most powerful force in IWT. It only gets easier from here. If you ever manage to even knock me down. I will just get back up and dust it off. Your throne will soon be my throne. I'm going to kick your ass straight off of it. Your glory days are done.

    *big grin*

    Your grandfather would probably be rolling in his grave if he knew of that person that you have became. Your world is going to come crashing down all around you. And I will be the one standing there in the distance as you watch everything around you crumble to dust. I will be the only thing that will be able to save you. I can cure you. I can make you better. You think that it's all lie. You don't know anything about us. We are far more capable than you think we are. We are the future. I can't wait to see your face when all 3 of us hold gold! Tag Team? X-Division? World? It doesn't matter. Sooner or later we will hold all of the gold in IWT. I'm no saint at all. I'll yell about all of the terrible things that I have done. But I changed. You can change too. Just accept The Cure.
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    **George takes the microphone and ascends to the nearest to turnbuckle where he sits looking down on both Eddy and Jwab.**

    "It seems as though time has not helped people understand The Cure. The basic fundamentals of The Cure state that man should see things for what they are, not for what they might be. Our opponents for Money In The Bank are guilty of this, just like everyone else who is against us. Not to worry though, because The Cure will show you the light.”

    **The crowd boo loudly, George refuses to continue speaking until they've quietened down.**

    "People here are quick to assume things. Too quick, I might add. But assumption, that is hazardous, especially in the wrong situation. You see, people did a lot of assuming when The Cure rolled up into town. People assumed that we were the problem, they assumed that we were out for blood and that is not true. Others assumed that we weren't a threat, is it safe to say that wasn't true either? Hahahahaha.”

    **George gives off a devious smile and cackle as the crowd continue to boo.**

    "And now I'm looking at two men who just assume that they're too good to take us on two versus two. Mr. Sackfist and Rhodes. Before The Cure, that would have been an insult to me and before The Cure, I would left you the both of you sitting side by side in the hospital, but my ego no longer comes into play. Why? Because ego is the greatest weakness that a man can have. That's why The Cure has rose to the top in such a short time and that's why Rhodes and Mr. Sackfist are going to be looking up at us from a pool of their own blood come Money In The Bank.
    The biggest mistake that the pair of you made is that you assumed you could underestimate The Cure and get away with it. Do we look like a group to underestimate? Do we look like the guys who are going to put you over with smiles on our faces? I'm going to cut you off and tell you because your assumptions have already sealed your faith under the dirt. If you underestimate The Cure, the results will be fatal. If you step up to The Cure, the results will be fatal. If you try to prevent justice from happening, the results will be fatal. These are not my words, these are the words of The Cure.”

    **George's face turns from a creepy playfulness to very serious and he leaps off of the top turnbuckle and sits on the second rope looking at the crowd as Jwab and Eddy follow him and stand behind him.**

    "Come Money In The Bank, I will stand alongside my brothers and we will make you regret ever challenging us, every underestimating us and ever stepping foot into a ring with us. So, to those who choose to ignore us and write us off, I suggest you watch our match at Money At The Bank ... Because you could be next, if you're the unlucky one.”

    **"Crayo" chants are heard all over the building.**

    “I've been saying this for a while, but people obviously aren't paying attention because I have to say it again. We are here to disinfect this place .... It's corrupted and people like Rodrigo and Mr. Sackfist exemplify that. Egos and assumption have no place under our reign. They are the cancer, but We Are The Cure.”

    **The Cure leaves the arena as their theme song plays.**

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  15. OOC: Jonathan If Rodrigo doesn't respond in a time-limit can I post instead?
  16. You can do it now.

    Rhodes if you say you're gonna be on, be on...
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    OOC: Changing promos? Can't be bothered to change. Just posting that George's promo was all titantron. His character didn't do anything in the ring. Thus this is my response to it as changing promos imo ruins IWT

    I don't get you guys, you all show up, and 2 of the three stooges speak, but George has stage fright that he compiles a little video and light show. If we're gonna see a movie, I insist on dinner first.

    So I have been left in the match I wanted. Granted there is an additional member to combat, but he seems to have huffed more paint fumes than you two have put together. Composes little videos instead of speaking to me man to man and his video talks about our MITB match. Hello, George, I don't know how many braincells you have left, but this is our MITB match.

    Jwab you are the only member who has said something of value. Rodrigo isn't here, & I am not here to defend him, winning a 3 on 1 handicap match is a better accomplishment anyway. But you talk about my throne? I am Mr Mid-Card, Jwab, I am the reason you have this match, if not the Cure would have to take a rain check on making their "big impact". I could have easily taken my rematch against Farooq for the X-Division title, but I am not a selfish man. I am one of two guys that are here for the new guys coming into the business, I am the guy who remains true to the division that makes or breaks superstars. You want to cure me of being selfless, granting other members such as Adam Hawk a PPV title match instead of taking that spot for myself. You want to cure me of giving new members a taste of what this company has to offer. You want to cure me of the disease of training members, testing them and turning them into champions? I said it before, & I will re-iterate it one more time, that means I will repeat it one more time George as I forget I can't use fancy city-slicker words otherwise you'll get lost in translation. I don't need the cure, I am here to make this a better place. The guys at the top are the ones you need to look at, your barking up the wrong tree with me, but I see no change I need to take. I do my damn best to make and shape this division to a thriving and functioning division.

    The Cure has shown what it can do as a team, and I will say I expected better. I expected this match to be a tune up for my match against FailFaceFTW or Farooq, but it looks like I need to look elsewhere
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