The Cure: We're still here

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  1. Jwab Atom and Alias Antonio of the Cure arrive.......on a FUCKING DRAGON!!!
    grabs the mic So....I think people have this thing about us that they think we have suddenly vanished? Like Adam. He claims himself the person that killed The Cure when he has never beat a member of the Cure. Same with that faggot with down syndrome and the greasy afro.....Dat Kid. He also thinks he is allowed to not pay attention the the men that bring in the ratings! Yeah, I said ratings! Wait, you don't think I bring in ratings? I JUST RODE IN ON A FUCKING DRAGON! A real life dragon. Who have you seen in IWT that rides in on dragons? Victoria? Airbourne? That's right no one. I am making history everyday that I breathe in IWT. We both make history. Right Alias? Right. He doesn't speak that much. Ever since he saw the horror of Dat Kid's incredibly small penis. Not much of The Cure talk that much anymore. laughs and does the vintage laugh while looking into the corner of the arena And Dat Kid also does not know how to shave what's so ever. It's like Gohan granted him the power to grow 3 feet of pubes in his pants. That's another person. Gohan. Does he really think he can talk shit about The Cure and get away with it? Nope. epic Dean Ambrose face motherfucker He doesn't. That's why he isn't safe. He better have his lawyers or his mother or whoever the fuck watches over him and gives him his special pills. It seems that Jwab is just rambling on about random things that all intertwine in the Past, present, and future....5 minutes later...Now back to the point...We're here. And we are waiting. We are watching. maniacal smile And We are ready.
    OOC -I felt that I haven't posted in a while on IWT so I decided to throw together a quick little shindig just to mess around and to show that we are here. And we are ready.​

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  2. OOC: Really? A fucking dragon?
  3. OOC: Yeah, you got a problem Mr. Cena?
  4. OOC: Nope,I just didn't know they are real.:((
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  5. OOC: The Cure owns alot of mythical creatures.
  6. *All of a sudden, Ben Dover floats from the rafters*
    Ben Dover: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS! The reason that the most dench lad in the universe; BEN F'n DOVER has been away from IWT is because I've been busy fucking bitches and making cash, some morons in the IWT can't do either, most don't make the money I make and enjoy the job they have as much as BEN DOVER!!

    Luckily for the wrestling geniuses that know I can wrestle like God in his prime, I have finished my entire porn schedule for 2013, several months early because I'm that damn sexually active, I hope all the virgins that watch porn instead of getting laid themselves enjoy seeing me pound girls in the pussy, ass and mouth in my upcoming pornos!

    Now that me and Jwab are here again, we will finally make our move. To the critics who say we haven't been as successful as were so supposed to be; ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY!! Nothing happens overnight and anyone deluded fool who thinks otherwise is a naive tool who needs a reality check!

    I am undefeated in IWT and preferably I would like to keep it that way, sex is what keeps the World and sex is what has made me so awesome at life....

    I request that everyone take note, we're no longer here to have a picnic, now we're motherfucking business!!!


    *Ben Dover proceeds to raise his fist in the air, before throwing condoms at the fans*

    Ben Dover: Lose your virginity faggots.
  7. OOC: You're still here but you don't even fight :haha:
  8. *Dat Kid, no longer limping, holds his steel cane in his right hand as he slowly walks out to the stage*​
    You know I'm like Beetlejuice, you say my name three times, and you're just asking to get your ass kicked. So Jwab, what do you seek to accomplish by coming out here and once again wasting everyone else's time. Is this another one of your "The cure is taking over" speeches? Tell me just how many titles does the cure currently have? What's that? Zero? But wait, I thought you guys were supposed to be some dominant force? Surely you must have the support of someone in power. What's that? Cure doesn't have that either? Well what the hell do they have?!​
    Jwab you make all these empty promises to these people about change and so far we have seen nothing. As far as I'm concerned The Cure is nothing more than a band of undeserving rookies, who have yet to do anything. It's easy for anyone to say they're taking over, but to actually do it...well that's something that's just something you and the rest of those idiots you align yourself with can't do.​
    However, I agree with you. Change does need to happen here in the IWT. The only difference in our philosophies is the people who will bring about that change. Change does not run through The Cure, it runs through Shadoxicity & airbourne908 , The People of Tomorrow. Unlike The Cure, we don't talk about change, we actually do something about it. ​
    You come out here with your dick jokes and try to make these people laugh because you're a clown. You are a walking joke and that goes double for wannabe Batman over there who just came down from the rafters. If corny high school cheap shots is your way of conveying a message of change, you don't represent a cure, you represent a disease and like the parasitic scum you are, you will die.​
  9. David: The Cure is the future.
    *Guy in crowd pisses in his pants at the Cures dominance.*
  10. I'll reply to dis when I wake