Storyline The Day The World Died

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  1. Dat Kid charges into the arena by the loading dock with a chair in hand. A camera crew catches up to him as the backstage interviewer puts his bagel down, running to kid with mic in hand. Kid nails the interviewer in the head with the chair. Kid then kicks the cameraman in the chest, the camera goes back and we see the roof, the picture now distorted.

    Kid picks up the camera and taps on the lens

    Is this thing on?

    The crowd pop can be heard from backstage.

    Chirstian! A couple things are going to happen tonight, the obvious being that I'm going to be using your face as a shoe shine tonight. The second being our match tonight, you're going to put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line!

    You want to strangle me with the belt that I gave value? Then you can watch me walk away with that same belt at Wrestlemania. Tonight's Uprising death sentences get served and me and YOUR title will be walking the green mile to Wrestlemania!

    Kid drops the camera
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  2. Chris Kaizer doesn't even feel like making up something funny cus Dat Kid gets another title shot.
  3. The last title shot I had was a year ago.
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  4. It'd be nice to beat you again come Mania.:jeritroll:
  5. I'm undefeated at mania bitch
  6. So is 75% of the roster, not hard when there's only been two.
  7. I had 3 matches, making me better than all of you
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