Storyline The Dazzling Champ!

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  1. *gav is sat in the middle of the ring waiting to address the crowd*

    ( Gav the chav) as you all know survivor series is right around the corner and I have a feeling its gunna be great if you're a chav

    Since uprising joey bryant has been pretty silent too fucking silent if you ask me I don't know what he's up to but wherever you are I'm waiting right here for you and im more than ready for you in fact right why don't you show your face and get out here thats right im calling you out

    *the crowd cheers as gav continues to speak*

    While we're waiting for him to show his face lets talk about the tag division who remembers the order? Remember all the hype and shit around them and as it turns out they were fucking shite especially that marcus Anthony

    *the crowd erupts in boos*

    Whoah hold on you fucking cheeky ****s I'm the fucking champion do you all honestly give a flying fuck about him the last time gav saw him was at money in the bank when gav sent that cheeky fuck crashing out of the match and showed you all just how much of an overrated pile of trash he really was hey marcus if you're watching wanna fight coz I'll happily smash your face in one more time

    *a we want dazzle chant breaks out*

    Ah yes one last thing as you me and dazzle have been forced together in a reunion we don't still see eye to eye hes still a little cheeky **** as far as im concerned but I am prepared to put my differences aside for now because I want that tag team gold and I'm gunna get my hands on it again so all the other plastic tag teams can fuck right off because those belts are mine and I'm gunna take them straight from the current champs they won't even know what hit them just like mr joey bryant found out

    *gav pauses for a moment and waits to see if joey bryant comes out*

    @DK James reply if you wanna?

    @TheArabHammer dare you take the bait?
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  2. fite me :cry:
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  3. OOC: I'll reply tomorrow homie.
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