The Dazzling Chavs grow stronger

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  1. *B.Dazzle walks out from the back and heads down the rings. A small pop from some in the audience is quickly silenced by the number of boos.*

    B.Dazzle: What a month November has been for The Dazzlng Chavs. We're undefeated as a team, we won the tag titles, B.Dazzle won the I.C title, Gav strengthed his bond with his family. It's just been great for the both of us. Tonight, tonight my dear IWTards, The Dazzling Chavs grow. We grow in size, in strength, in speed, and in the ability to be both dazzling and a chav at the same exact time. Tonight, B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav no longer stand alone against the world. We stand with a man who has become everything this team is about. He has become more dazzling than he has ever been in his career. His chav level has hit a point that only the likes of Gav can beat. This man is a Starr in the making. This man is the most must see man this company has seen. This man is a ladies man, this man is the alpha male of IWT, this man is none other than the greatest male model in the history of the world itself. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, take out your phones, call someone, and give them the news, because I give to you...........Luke Starr!

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  2. Luke Starr begins to make his way down to the ramp, fixing his short, brown hair as he does. Starr smiles at a woman in the audience before looking at another and immediately looking away, covering his eyes from her. Luke enters the ring before grabbing a microphone.

    Luke Starr: "....The best looking man in this arena is here! I'm sure that I'm a big step up from the guy who used to be the best looking here. Even though B Dazzle gave me an introduction himself I'll introduce myself. I'm the man women dream they were wish. I'm the man that makes the women feint just because they look at me. I'm the man that is the missing puzzle piece to the Dazzling Chavs but now B. Dazzle and Gav have found that piece and it's time to add it to the puzzle. The Dazzling Chavs are now better than ever and I've heard we have a problem with two factions. Well, I don't care how big these factions are, I don't care how tough they are, and I don't care if they think they're better looking then me or not! The Dazzling Chavs are tougher and simply better!...And being better looking than me is quite impossible. The three of us will prove our dominance to them and then laugh at those ugly bastards and I'll be a big part of it! Why? Well, because I'm the ladies' man, the male model and the alpha male of IWT!"
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