the dazzling chavs issue an open challenge!

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  1. *gav the chav and luke starr appear on the titantron*

    (gav the chav) right lets get straight to the point in 3 weeks time at IWT slammys awards gav the chav is issueing an open challenge to any 2 individuals backstage at a shot at the dazzling chavs in a non title match so come on out if you think you can handle us
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  2. *Britanica approaches the dazzling chavs behind stage*
    *The cameraman seems nervous*

    "I heard someone mention an open challenge. *Britanica smerks* Now before you say anything like... But you are not an active competitor. Before you even think I am approaching you alone... I don't need to abide by any contract and I am certainly not alone. I don't know much about you two, Luke, was it? And... Gav? What kinda name is Gav!? *Britanica laughs* But from what I have seen, cheap pops are your things. You like that gold you have there. You enjoy flaunting it everywhere you go? Well I am on the hunt for something shiny. But don't you dare call me a gold digger. Allow me to introduce my partner...." @TheArabHammer
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  3. "Chavs, first let me congratulate you two for being part of the team that had destroyed what was left of DX. Second of all, you issue this open challenge expecting somebody else to accept. This is not just a match for us chavs, this is declaring war. Gav, Luke, prepare for the fight of your lives. *Marcus and Britanica attack the chavs with the mics and leave them unconscious* challenge accepted *they drop the mics and walk backwards towards the entrance ramp looking toward the ring at the chavs each with a menacing look*
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  4. *gav climbs up of the floor and picks up the mic near him*

    (gav the chav) here just where the fuck do think your going? Get back here now! So it looks like we have a match then gav was gunna go easy on you 2 but now gavs got something extra special for you 2 you just went and unlocked the full wrath of gav the chav @Britanica ❤ marcus i hope your ready for it coz gav is gunna well and truly fuck you up!

    @Shannon_724 get em!
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  5. Luke Starr slowly manages to get to his feet before snatching the other microphone that was on the floor. He fixes his hair before speaking.

    Luke Starr: "Marcus, I said that you and I were the future of IWT....but,'ve picked a fight with the wrong people. Gav and I here, we're ready to fuck some people up. After we're are done with you two, your faces..well, you guys will be uglier than those bitches we fought the other day in that tag match. So, like Gav over here said, you best prepare...because the Chav and the alpha male of IWT are ready to put you through hell."
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  6. OOC: You are the delta sorority son, Aids is the Alpha, but you might end up being my omega.
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