Storyline the dazzling chavs issue an open challenge

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  1. (Gav the chav) right you bunch of cheeky ****s gav got a little proposal for you all at the royal rumble the dazzling chavs will unite in a 3v3 tag team match but for this to happen we need 3 poor unfortunate souls to step up so if you're stupid enough to accept our please say below otherwise piss off ok GO!

    @Nano didn't you wanna do something if so you know what to do
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    Can I get 2 dudes to do this with me? I'm ready to go!

    @Nano I'll do it with ya man!
  3. You still in the tournament I think
  4. No we lost on the first round by a land slide (they think we are stupid fucks) anyway my bro is gone for a little while to catch up on school, put me in!
  5. You're still in the tournament as it's not an elimination styled tourney.
  6. what?! fuck! I need to get my bro back...
  7. Don't let the defeat get you down just keep at it you'll improve over time besides right now the only stupid fuck in IWT right now is @Jonathan just see how much he fucked up in the main event between gohan and dat kid I think we may have found our opponents now already not 100% though if you want I'll give you a dark match if you want although not now
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  8. OOC: this is why we are buddies, i got a hearty laugh out of this you fucking chav.
  9. Kiss ass.
  10. [​IMG]
    Dont be jelly.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Aids is such a kiss ass he makes me a kiss ass for him.
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  14. I challenge Gav :tough:
  15. *casually grabs lotion, Kleenex and a bottle of Coca-Cola*
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