Storyline The "death" of Suicide

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  1. *The lights fade out,a spotlight emerges on the stage,and,Suicide's titantron and theme hits*​
    *Suicide doesn't come out,the arena lights come back on but are a shade of gold,and,an unfamiliar titantron and theme airs*​
    *The man known as Suicide emerges in an all black suit,and, slowly makes his way to the ring*​
    "Last night at SummerSlam I was defeated for the Undisputed title,any normal man would pack his bags and leave this company but I am not a normal man. You see,after my match last night I had a long time to ponder why I had lost when it had occurred to me that it was Kid's fault. Kid had promised me the money,the fame,the power,the titles,he said he had my back through thick and thin. Hell,he helped me mold Suicide into this power infused champion. But,what did this poor cripple do moments before my match ended? That's right,he didn't do a damn thing. The man who had promised me everything had left me out to hang. It was right then that I realized I had been given false hope within him. So,I am here to tell you that I have left that poor,sad,crippled bastard. With that I am dropping anything related to him so I am also dropping my alias as Suicide and will be using the more formal name of Andrew Evans. Just because I left that fool does not mean I am going to pander to you parasitic "fans". No,I have moved onto better things. Heed these words for you will all see what I mean soon enough."​
    *Andrew let's off a cocky smirk*​

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