Storyline The Debut of Slick Willy

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    The announcer gets in the ring and holds up a card.

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, IWT is proud to present to you, the sexiest man to step inside of a squared circle. He is the reason why none of you have a girlfriend. The owner of the giant genitalia and the undisputed champion of "waxing dat ass". Hailing from Miami, Florida....Slick Willy!

    Pink spotlights warm around the arena as smoke rises from the stage with a California King sized bed with leopard print bedsheets. A figure lies under the sheets and Slick Willy pokes his head out the sheets.

    The bed begins to roll slowly to the ring and Slick rests his head on his hand, eye fucking the women in the audience. The bed his the edge of the ring and Slick gets out of the sheets. He's wearing nothing but a blue speedo. A woman also under the sheets pokes her head out, it's ShadowGoddess & Sage. They wave at Slick and he winks at the both of them.

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    u mad shadow & Fooq :jeritroll:

    Slick slowly enters the ring on some Stacy Keibler shit and the men in the audience are uncomfortable.
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    cept THG cause he's a faggot

    Slick stands in the middle of the ring, doing a superman pose and the men in the crowd begin to boo. While the women of course are soaked more than under Jonathan's man titty on a hot summer day.

    Ahem, if I could just take a moment to speak to the fine ladies in the audience tonight.
    The women scream and the men boo.
    Look I know we just me, but I think we got something here. So I'm not gonna beat around the bush...unless you want me to. Wink

    I've been watching the IWT for a while now and all I see is unattractive, fat, dumb little boys fighting over some gold, but I rather fight for something much more important. You.
    Slick points to a random woman in the crowd who then faints.

    So if you give me that chance, I'd love to be your man.
    Slick kisses the mic before putting it on the ground, goes out onto the apron then falls with his arms spread on his bed next to the ladies. The bed rolls back up the ramp.
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  2. OOC: Listen, I like it, but we already gave Forrest a hard time for having 2 characters at once. Apparently its frowned upon in IWT @Delik ? Honestly, I don't have a huge problem with it, but I have been told it has caused issues in the past I think
  3. Depends if this is a 2nd character of he's retired 'Dat Kid' ?
  4. I thought you were supposed to be creative
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  5. With the current storyline it looks like Dat Kid isnt competing unless Trip says he can. This character is only around so I can compete when I want and not break the storyline. He'll be gone when Dat Kid can compete on his own
  6. That's fine then, thanks for clearing it up.
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