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    (Theme begins at 0:17)
    *The crowd are initially confused by the unfamiliar theme but soon enough we see Lord Lee come out at 0:35 into the song, he is met with a positive reception. Lee sports his signature "BeLEEve" shirt, he strolls to the ring patting his IWT X-Treme belt draped over his arm.*

    *As Lee is handed a mic the crowd enthusiastically chants "tell us" on a continuous loop. Lee observes the crowd and grins.*

    I know I've been taking my time making this decision, but with Uprising starting tomorrow, I should probably get some hype started to kick off the proceedings. I am here to finally announce my decision!

    *The crowd pop, knowing their curiosities are soon to be answered*

    These last few weeks, I've been rackin' my brain over the decision the entire IWT Universe eagerly awaits the answer to. Even during my birthday, all the birthday wishes, cards and gifts aside, the one gift I felt like I wanted, the gift my mind was fixated on.. was, and still is, a win at IWT Mania.

    The only person that can get me that though is MYSELF! Regardless of the ref, of management or of the World champion I decide to face at Mania, it is ME that I must hold to account for the result I end up with when that bell rings.

    You, the people who dedicate yourselves to this product, should take into consideration that I make this choice not on the basis of who I believe I can defeat easier. I have made this choice through taking into consideration which scenario is more appetizing to me; Creating a new and fresh ICONIC feud, or, strengthen the undeniable legacy of a feud I have with someone who I once reshaped the landscape of the IWT with.

    So, after self-reflection, discussion with close allies and friends, other IWT workers and even performers from other promotion and above all else, my delicate and intense analysis..I can give my decision RIGHT NOW!

    CHRISTIAN!..... Maybe another day pal, MY.PICK.IS.ALIAS!.....Now get your ass out here my old pal and old nemesis, riiiight now!

    *The crowd go into a frenzy*
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