Storyline The Desperate...Desperadoes?

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    *The scene opens up with Alias (sporting a beanie, a white tank top, sunglasses, denim jeans and some boots) leaning against his Range Rover in a sorta rickety riverside (a dump situated next to the Range Rover), attempting to call somebody on his phone it seems. Alias directs his attention towards the cameramen for a second*

    Hey, you two, give me a few minutes, alright? I've just got to make a few phonecalls, yeah? That fine? Good.

    *While Alias resumes his task, the cameraman then turns the camera around to show some mountains that are visible from afar. The camera stays there for a few seconds before turning back to Alias, who is still making phonecalls, and starts showing signs of frustration.*

    Alias: What do you mean you CAN'T make it, Christian? It's Christmas dammit! We arranged that we would meet up over here, and once we do what we gotta do we would head over to George's Christmas party.......wait. So you're telling me you're not coming because Aids Johnson is going to be there? Oh for fucks sake Christian! You're leaving me high and dry here you motherfucker. Listen up, I'll do the promo by myself but after I'm dragging your ass to that party whether you like it or not. Entendido? Understood?..........C'mon buddy. We gotta be on the same page, this is a big match coming up. It'll be fine. I'll give you a call when I'm done. Sound good? Alright pal, see you.

    *Alias then hangs up, and puts his phone back in his pockets, before taking off his sunglasses and directing his attention to the cameras*

    Is it rolling?

    *The cameramen nod as Alias begins to speak.*

    Only days.....only days removed from IWT's landscape 2 year anniversary show, where essentially......where essentially it was a 4-man show, a 3-match show, a 2-team show. And that's how low IWT has stooped down to. Having to rely on legends like myself and Christian to do the unmitigated dirty work whilst the so called "legends" and "champions" of this company sat on their ass and did JACK SHIT. Yeah, what happened to Nick vs. Joey Bryant? Some bullshit no contest? Did Dat Kid jerk off his ego once more too? Did Aids sit at home giving us all a wonderful update on his sobriety? I mean, fuck, just look at the absolute state of IWT.

    *Alias takes off his beanie and runs his hands through his hair angrily. He then points at the dump next to him.*

    Metaphorically speaking, IWT, right now, is this dump right here, and this shabby riverside it stands on. Something run-down, trash.

    *Alias then points to the other side where the mountains are.*

    That over there, those beautiful mountains, are what IWT once was. It was at the top of the wrestling industry. The peak of the wrestling industry. There wasn't a wreslter I knew he didn't want to be in this damn company, but it's in shambles.

    It's ironic how I was the guy who started off at this dump, but I crawled and I scratched and I dug deep, and I swam accross that goddamn river, CLIMBED that mountain with all my remaining strengths. By then, I was already in the worldwide sensation known as the IWT. But if you look at things from a current standpoint, that mountain has decayed and crumbled so much that is has pushed and forced me off of it, almost making me drown in the river alongside the rests of IWT. But I pulled through, and I dragged myself and the rests out of that river and onto this riverside. Now it is my job to reconstruct everything, mold everything back to how it once was with some Alias touches, and do what I've been clamoring to do all these past weeks. Guide IWT to it's former glory and prosperity. I AM THE SAVIOR OF THE IWT. And I will not stop until my job is done.

    But you see, as much as I blame Jonathan, Trip, Dat Kid, Aids Johnson, Joey Bryant for the fall of IWT, there's two more guys part of the ongoing problem and NOT the solution. That's right, FUCK YOU Desperadoes. Y'know, I really do appreciate the thought of gifting Christian and I those replica title belts, but it's petty, it really is. Just goes to show how desperate you guys are to garner some cheap pops and reactions. It's shitty comedy like that why this company is failing to prosper once again. And I may sound like a grizzled young vet by saying all this but LOOK AROUND YOU GUYS. IWT IS A DYING COMPANY DAMMIT.

    But Midas, Drake. We've already gotten ourselves some tag team title replica belts. No, not for us, of course not! We're keeping them for when you guys lose to us, so we can give them to you. You know, it is Christmas time. You gotta give to the less fortunate, right? You will be less fortunate come the Slammies, Desperadoes, take my word. So beware next time you want to talk about that bullshit.

    That's all I have to say.

    *Alias opens the door to his range rover, but he doesn't fully enter, instead he closes the door and directs himself to the camera once again.*

    Wait. Not just yet. There's one more thing I wanted to address. Midas, you brought up that I'm THAT guy that always comes up short in big title matches. Sorta like the guy who can never reach the peak of the mountain, right? It's tough to face the truth, but I can handle it unlike you lot. Yes, I am deemed as that guy who can never cherish an IWT Title reign or be definitively THEE top guy of IWT because I simply do NOT have what it TAKES. The workhorse, but never the face of the company.

    It sucks, but that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. For the best of this company, and for the best of my status within it. At the Slammies, I'll prove you wrong Midas. And at the Rumble, I'll not only prove you wrong again, but I'll prove the entire world wrong.

    Merry christmas, you guys.

    *Alias smiles before entering his range rover and driving off.*
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